Best 9 Tips To Promote Your Android Game In 2019-2020

9 Tips To Promote Your Android Game
With more than one hundred applications offered every day in various app stores, it is an understatement to say that it takes a lot of effort to get a good impression of a new application or game. If you are lucky, the application that you submit will only remain in the new version for one or two days. If you leave it like that, nothing will happen.

Once you are determined to develop new apps for the market, there will be no withdrawal unless you stop developing them. But you are determined, right? Contact required with your application can be done well before publication. Take this opportunity to tell people in advance about your application. The following list of tips is useful.


As an android game development company, creating a social networking site is definitely something if you have already found the name of your application. However, you can go further by participating in specialized blogs, forums, communities, and other resources and sharing news for upcoming applications. In addition, you will find ideas for features that users miss in similar applications. Maybe you offer something important in your application?

Spray It!

Get in advance a welcome web page with a countdown to get started. After your application is used, shopping traffic will lead to your application. A good spray page visually attracts people with screenshots and attractive designs that follow the design of your application/brand. This page also contains brief and informative information about your application and its features, as well as the value it offers. This page might have to be the full title site for the application. But in the beginning, this was only one page that caught your attention.

You can as well register for a newsletter on the page. Make it more personal and warm up your future users.

Tease Users!

If you know the value, find a user, and your application provides it, try to tease your audience. You don't have to run the application to do a good test. You can emphasize that the application is being developed - and soon the target audience as an android game development company will get what they want. Increase your interests and emotions.

Oh yes, this is also effective for running a good blog. If you do, this is another benefit for you. If not, you can look for other famous bloggers. Don't be afraid to share content, just make sure they are not monotonous. If you are truly engrossed in this topic, share instructive and appropriate contributions with others.

Offer Extra!

They will tell people about the start date. You can start with a lower price or free in-app purchases on the early days. Interested parties can use this opportunity to get such items for free or cheaper. You can even arrange contests for them and start getting likes and sharing. Use Facebook Gifts. All of these are good incentives to remember your application and keep an eye on the start date.

A small bonus: all news and announcements can be communicated via press releases. All new things can be disseminated through well-known and special resources. Good things are paid for, but it's about marketing.

Beta Test!

Special pages can contain invitations for beta testing. Of course, beta testing is not only important to improve the application, but can also be promoted as well as those who can use it before the official launch. The more right people you find, the more you benefit from a marketing perspective. You might find influencers who are interested in trying your application for free and sharing their views with the public.

Be Recognized!

Permanent design on applications, websites, social media pages, etc. It can be recognized for each android game development company. "Don't judge book by book" rules don't apply here. People will do it. But you can make it interesting long before your application goes on sale.

Offer Amazing Content And Bonuses For New Fans

The success of your marketing efforts will be limited if you have few fans. A great way to increase your liking is to make the law a great proposition. It's great if your content is useful enough for people to like your site. However, if you are in the process of creating content, you can use a bathrobe to show your appreciation. This can well be done in the form of small discounts, free e-books or reportage or informative or entertaining videos. You will need a fan tab or extension that blocks free content and other pages for non-fans.

There is a lot to do, except to keep the development process under control. Find the right team and coordinate your efforts. Therefore, you will make targeted users ready to accept your mobile application when you finally deploy it in the app store.

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