How To Unlock Apple iPhone 11 (Fast and Easy Method) With Reviews

How To Unlock Apple iPhone 11
Having an unlocked SIM means you cannot insert another network SIM card on your phone as you are solely obliged to use your phone with only one network carrier operator. There are a few handsets that are sold unlocked while others locked. Now, buying a locked handset will merely create a difference. You can now find plenty of companies online that can help you with the unlocking process.

Why Are Unlocked Phones Are Better To Use?

Having a SIM-locked phone not make you look another carrier's plans as you cannot use another carrier operators. Having an unlocked Apple iPhone 11 gives you an option to choose the mobile carrier operator that gives you better service or a better value.

The phone unlocking process will free you from all the worries and offers you full control of the mobile device.

Why Unlocking Is The Best Choice?

Unlocking a SIM-locked phone will increase the resale value of the phone. Not only this, having an unlocked Apple iPhone 11 will help you get improved usability as you can take your phone to any country and can opt nay network operator.

How Do I Know My Phone Is Locked?

While talking to a SIM-locked phone, if you think your phone will somewhat different than you must know that the phone functioning and the design will be the same. The problem is only with the SIM card. So, to see whether you need to take the unlocking process for your Apple iPhone 11 is easy.

So, what must be the efforts need from your side to know the answers. All you need is to insert another network SIM card on your phone (It should be of another network operator other than the one you are using). After inserting if your phone displays an “unlocking message” then it is confirmed that your phone requires unlocking.

How Much Does It Cost To Unlock My Phone?

While talking about the cost of unlocking Apple iPhone 11 depends upon the company. Every company you will find online have their own price. The exact pricing will depend upon the model, network provider, and country. But, surely, that it will be much less expensive than buying a new phone. For sure it will be much cheaper than replacing iPhone 8 battery or iPhone 11.

What Do All Include In The Unlocking Process?

To unlock a SIM-locked Apple iPhone 11, you need to first look for the unlocking companies. After that, you need to check their website and look for the instruction they want from your side. It means you need to submit a few vital information related to your mobile device.
  • The information includes the IMEI number of your Apple iPhone 11. To get the IMEI number you need to dial *#06# on your phone.
  • Other than the unique 15 digit IMEI number, you also need to send them your current country (country you are living in permanently, not the one you are visiting) and the network operator.

Before sending, you need to make sure you fill the information correctly and provide the correct email id as it will be the one where you will receive an email regarding the unlock code.

How Long Will It Take To Unlock Your Phone?

After sending all the information to the unlocking company, there will a time-frame mentioned on the screen. The time frame mainly depends upon the model and the country. Mostly the unlocking companies will not take much time to send your unlocking code.

What To Do After Getting An Unlocked Code?

Once you have received the unlocking code on your mail, all you need is to take out another 10-20 minutes to unlock your phone. You need first to switch off your phone. After that, you must look for the SIM that is of another Network operator. You can also use the one that you brought to test is your phone requires an unlocking process.

After inserting another network SIM card, the message will display on your Apple iPhone 11 screen it shows enter the “unlock code” or “Pin Network Unlock Code.” After getting the message, you need to enter the code, and immediately after entering the code, your phone will get unlocked permanently.

What If I Cannot Get The Unlocking Message?

If somehow, you have performed all the steps and still you have not got any unlocking message or after entering the unlock code your phone will not SIM-unlocked then don’ worry. The unlocking companies are available to help you out in such matters. It might be that you have skipped some steps provided by them or there is any misunderstanding in the code sent by them.

The company will check all the issues and provide you with the required solution that is unlocking Apple iPhone 11.

So, it's high time to opt for such a fabulous and easy unlocking company. With the convenience of your home, without need to go out to any service companies, your phone will get SIM-unlocked at an affordable price.

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