How Online Businesses Increase Your Conversion Rate

Online Businesses Increase Your Conversion Rate
The E-commerce Industry is now spreading far and wide. There are more online stores than outlets in the real world. People are investing in online businesses more than in any other business that requires manpower and physical effort.

Getting to the topic, we will be discussing today how your Online businesses can increase your conversion rate. First, let us tell you what Conversion Rate is.

Conversion rate can be defined as conversions in a specified time divided by the total number of site visits in that time. Suppose you got 20 visitors in a day and you had 5 sales in that period, then your conversion rate is 5 divided by 20 i.e. 25%

Conversion can be anything, any action you want to refer to and calculate about it with respect to the number of visitors. We are here today to guide you on how you can have more conversion rates in an online business.

You must be thinking, what is the relation between online business and conversion rate. Well, when you have an online website for e-commerce, as you can see here:, shopping tracking the conversion rate will help you in measuring the performance of web pages and apps associated with your business. You will get to know how many of your users are completing your business-driven goals and also allows you to find improvements that need to be done with your web pages and apps.

There are many types of businesses that can increase your conversion rate. One of them is online Casinos that can really get your business going. Casinos are getting up high in increasing their conversion rates these days by investing resources, as you can see here: Online casino sites such as 12bet is an example that invests resources to increase its conversion rate. Basically, they invest, while the players will play on bets which some lose while others gain but there is always a margin of profit for the Casino.

The identification of goals for conversion, calculation of conversion rates and to optimize your webpages and apps accordingly in terms of improving conversion rate is known as Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). In CRO tests are formulated to know why customers are not converting, and on this data new solutions are provided regarding the web page or app and then tested under a standard called A/B testing, in which both are run and tested simultaneously against one and another.

Let’s shed some light on how you can do a better Conversion Rate Optimization of your Online Web page.

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Know What Your Customers Are Looking For:

Customers leaving without buying anything? Well, there’s a 99% chance they couldn’t find what they are looking for. They simply are unable to find the specific items on your website.

Your search bar should be big enough to be visible as soon as they view your web page and it should be visible on all web pages.

Your searches should include filters so that customers can find and categorize brands, sizes, prices, colors, etc.

Product Merchandising:

When a customer finds and views a product your webpage should be ensured of 100% genuine images with good zooming qualities and proper detail regarding the product and specs should be very accurate.

Rating and Reviews panel is also a plus point in getting a good conversion rate. This a social place, where customers review items bought from your website and will compel the buyer to make a transaction. Also, encourage your customer to review a product once bought from your webpage.

Improve Your Webpage Speed:

Your website performance matters a lot. Be sure to follow some simple steps to have a faster website.
  • Caching is important have it enabled on your website.
  • Remove inactive CMS or any outdated products and promotions.
  • Cart should be updated after a specific period.
  • Use of a global CDN (Content Delivery Network) for all your static base content and files on HTML.

Keep It Smartphone Friendly:

In this modern era, do you really think people use a computer or a laptop to buy stuff? Studies show that they use smartphones, 4 out of 5 customers use Smartphones to purchase on shopping websites and use most apps. So, it’s very important that your webpages be Mobile friendly in order to have a god conversion rate, as it is much easier to achieve on mobile than on a Webpage browsed on a laptop.

Various Payment Options:

You should offer several options for payments i.e. PayPal, credit/debit card, or a Bank wire too. Every person has a different way of payment. Also, add domestic payment solutions if you have a global reach on customers in different countries.

Delivery also follows the same rule, the greater the choice the less convincing you need to get the customer to buy the product.

Compelling Call To Actions:

Using some good CTAs will help your website hit that conversion rate in no time. Try to select some appealing, concise CTAs to help customers in making up minds fast and get your conversion rate up to that mark.
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