4 Ways To Get The Best Results In PPC For 2020

4 Ways To Get The Best Results In PPC
Pay Per Click advertising which is more popularly known as PPC is undeniably one of the most effective ways of online marketing. From the past decade, marketers are using different ways to get the best results in PPC every year.

For many people, December is alias busy month of the year. most of the people go on vacation and pay less attention to their business. This is the time when PPC marketers need to prepare something new and effective for the coming year.

According to the marketers, there are four effective ways that can be used to get the best results in PPC this year. If you are interested in knowing those days, read the blog until the end.

1. Data Studio

You must know that there is a way through which you can connect your data sources directly to your reporting. It's Google’s Data Studio which came into existence in 2016. It has improved with time. Therefore, every marketer must use Data Studio.

If you are among those people who still report to your customers and executive by the way of Excel sheet, Data Studio is a must to have things for you!

Not only the reports made in Data Studio gives a great look, but they are also a good time saver. You can easily customize all your reports according to the choice and preferences of your customers and executives. And whenever you want to update the data, it can be done in seconds by simply changing the range of date.

Moreover, reports are automated so the chances of errors in data entry are also reduced.

2. Google Ads Scripts

Google ads scripts are newer gab Data Studio. With the help of Google ads scripts, you can automate usual procedures or make interaction with external data through the use of JavaScript in a browser-based IDE. The role of IDE is essential as it helps in highlighting, previewing, autocompletion and syntax address.

If the above paragraph sounds a bit complicated to you, don't be anguish. If the above paragraph made your eyes glaze over, don’t despair. Many people who understand JavaScript have written some Google ads script which can be easily used by a normal user. This way you would not be required to write them on your own.

However, not all the scripts will be useful for you. You will find only some of the scripts useful for your purpose. You can consider the script that looks for broken URLs, trace quality scores and easily find out negative keywords that block ads from already converting search inquiry.

If you are not that savvy with scripts and trying it for the first time, you must start with something simple. You can go for a pause or delete keywords as they have zero impression script.

This is the best way to cut off the unnecessary fat from your account every month. In this way, you will feel more comfortable using scripts in general.

Remember, not all of the script will help you out, but it's always a good idea to try something new. Maybe you find an easy solution for a long-established challenge.

3. Revisit Audience Opportunities

Google has recently brought to new options for targeting audience including Affinity audience and In-market seasonal event segments.

Affinity audiences are not a new term as it has been available in video campaigns for several years. However, now Google is bringing them to YouTube as well as search campaigns. this will recall you that how intelligently affinity audiences permit you to reach a number of customers based on a complete picture of their interest, habits, and lifestyle.

Nevertheless, in-market audiences were brought in search by Google in 2017. in the market, audiences are the type of customers who are heavily researching and taking into account the purchase of goods and services that are similar to yours. For a change, Google is adding some seasonal segments including Black Friday and Christmas to YouTube as well as Search.

If you have not stepped up into reason you and effective targeting option, starting of the year can be the best time to adopt the ways slowly. Initially, you can add them to your accounts for observation just to see whether they work for you or not.

4. New Lead Form Extensions

You will be surprised to know that Google Ads is on a test for a new type of search extension. New lead form extensions permit you to cast a lead form to the ads you make. You can make a delivery of your call to action in a web link form or also through direct download. Moreover, you can use your own brand image to customize your ads.

At present, you can collect a limited amount of data through the form. Also currently you are available with only a few options including name, phone number, mail address and zip code. When anyone opens a lead form, it is counted as a click. When someone fills the form and submits it, that's counted in the conversion.

All the leads you generate from your lead form can be downloaded as a CSV file. Also, you can bring those files into your CRM system with the help of Webhook.


Though you can slow down your PPC strategies at the end of the year just because of the business slowdowns, it's always a good idea to head start for the coming year.

In this way, you put the right efforts at the right time because of which you get all the benefits throughout the coming year. Brisbane Adwords Management can help in implementing new ways to get successful results in PPC this year.
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