8 Effective Ways To Use YouTube To Market Your Small Business

Ways To Use YouTube To Market Your Small Business
YouTube is one of the biggest and most popular social media platforms in the world, with over 2 billion active monthly logged users, 250 million hours watched every day. YouTube marketing is all about the content that creates an attractive option for marketing. In this guide, you will learn
  • Whether YouTube is the right platform for business marketing?
  • YouTube Marketing strategy- Tips and ideas
  • How to optimize videos for the YouTube search engine?
  • How to manage your YouTube channel to increase Return on Investment (ROI)?

YouTube is the second most popular website, and more people think YouTube primarily a search engine. It is also the second most popular search engine that presents massive potential for the reach of business and marketing.

Videos are great for promoting other social profiles such as email marketing, sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Websites, and landing pages. It is a great way to showcase products and an excellent platform for expanding your reach for generating more leads.

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Types Of Youtube Marketing Videos

It is essential to know what kind of videos you can create for marketing your business on YouTube. Keep things varied and entertain your audience. Here are a few ideas to get started for the business of any type and shape:
  • Include cast of characters, so all sorts of the viewers feel welcome to try your product.
  • Create a professional look to impress your viewers by creating similar style elements throughout your videos
  • Highlight your products in multiple ways so that a wide variety of users will find your product useful.
  • Explain the pain point solving techniques, how your product works, and the core product information.

1. Product Videos:

Product demo videos educate the audience. Energize viewers with enough information to make a purchase.

2. How-to Videos:

How-to searches are incredibly commercial that adds value to the viewers. These are an easy way for marketers to showcase personality. Put yourself in the shoes of viewers; infuse humor, empathy, sincerity in your instructions.

3. Listicles:

Create listicles that highlight your products or service to educate, entertain, and provide detailed information.

4. Behind The Scene Videos:

Share some behind scene videos, and humanize your brand, show viewers that you are more than just a product or service company.

For example, create an entire collection of videos with members of your team, interviews with well-known experts and influencers from your niche, event organizing videos, and much more to drive more traffic to your YouTube channel.

5. Case Studies:

Promote your business through case studies videos of your client, such as client origin, recent achievements, and plans for the future.

8 Effective Ways To Use Youtube To Market Your Small Business

1. Optimize Your Youtube Channel

Optimize your videos and create quality content consistently to reach a wide range of the targeted audience. Several factors that count towards search results like keywords, hashtags, video time, description content, and much more. Let’s discuss some vital video ranking factors to increase search traffic:
  1. Keywords- Use the right keywords on your channel so that YouTube knows what your channel is about.
  2. Video description and headline- Identity what you are audience is looking for and use those keywords in your video headline and write a compelling description.
  3. Thumbnail image- Choose a freeze-frame to use as a thumbnail. Make your own thumbnail to help your content stand out.
  4. Watch time- The longer the watch time of the video, the better your video ranking.
  5. Link to your website- Add your website link and drive viewers to your landing page to find more information about the products.
  6. Call to action- Boost your online presence. Call to action is a valuable way to drive viewers to your website and other social media profiles.

2. Know Your Audience

YouTube gives access to the analytics, which contains statistics related to your video such as, viewer’s demographics, viewers count, watch time, interaction rate, and revenue generated across videos. Move beyond assumptions with these data and feel confident in reaching the right audience.

The demographics provide data like where your videos being viewed, age, and gender of viewers. Track your audience insights and target specific audiences through hashtags and geo-locations. Manage customer comments to gain qualitative information. Post questions or create a poll to gain a deeper understanding of your audience.

3. Go Live

Stream your events live and direct right to your audience. YouTube live videos are more natural to reply to audience comments and thus get more views. YouTube algorithm helps interested viewers find your videos, convert viewers into leads effectively. Webinars, Q&A, and events work well on YouTube Live.

When you go live, people who have enabled notification will receive a push notification on their phone that you are live broadcasting. You can also trim your live videos into a regular video with the built-in editor.

4. Cross-promote Your Videos

Build a community around your channel and reach out to the audience outside of YouTube. Integrate videos into your blog, email newsletters, and other social media accounts. Create a video playlist so that viewers won’t miss any of your videos and also reduces the likelihood of people clicking away to another channel.
  • GIFs are a fun and interactive way to promote YouTube videos on Twitter.
  • Embed videos on your blogs with searchable transcription, increase both video and page views.
  • Create a preview of your YouTube video and share them across different social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and much more. Add the YouTube video link in the post description.

5. YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads are a clickable call to actions you can add to your YouTube videos. Create an active YouTube Ad with minimal disruptions to the viewing experience.
  1. Bumper Ads: Bumper ads are a six-second video ad that appears at the start or end of a video.
  2. Overlay Ads: Appear at the bottom of the video like banners.
  3. Display Ads: Display ads appear above the video suggestion list can be managed within AdWords
  4. Sponsored Ads: Sponsored ads are a small call-to-action popup that appears within the YouTube player.
  5. True view Ads: True view ads are skippable ads that appear at the beginning of the YouTube videos. There are two types: True view In-stream ads and True view discovery ads.
  6. Non-Skippable video Ads: If you want to tell a more in-depth story, create a hyper-focused video to showcase your product value to your target audience. There are two types: Pre-roll ads, Mid-roll ads.

6. Work With Influencers

Working with influencers or experts is one of the best ways to showcase your products on YouTube. More than 50% of YouTube subscribers trust the opinion of their favorite influencers.

Work with an influencer who already knows and trusts your brand. Let the influencers do the work. The more control you exert over the partnership, the more you will impact the brand, and also makes it less genuine.

7. Research Your Competition

Pay attention to your competitor videos reveals the best practices and techniques they follow to engage the audience, drive views, subscriptions, and engagements. Your competitor’s customers of the same niche will more likely watch your videos.

Read your competitor’s video description to see what keywords they are using and use similar ones to boost your ranking.

8. Analyze Your Performance

Build up a YouTube channel, publish content regularly, work with influencers, and learn from your competitors to create an effective YouTube marketing platform. Regularly monitor your efforts through YouTube analytics when you publish new content. Check for subscribers count, new audience demographics, and video playback location.

Audience comments also give you a suggestion for your next video. Active perform the above strategies for each video and identify what strategy works best for your business and what needs improvement.

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