10 Reasons Your SEO Is Not What It Could Be

10 Reasons Your SEO Is Not What It Could Be
Here’s the thing, SEO works wonders for a business if applied carefully, carried out with effort, and made effective with the use of right SEO tools. Your SEO strategy is not failing because Google keeps updating new algorithms. This also means that something is missing in your SEO strategy and to fix the same either you can look for the mistakes or read the possible reasons behind SEO failure as mentioned below.

You Are Using Outdated Strategies

SEO is not constant. It will change every day and marketers will look for new strategies to rank their business on the top. First, because Google is updating new things every day and the algorithms ensure that only the deserving candidate grabs the first position. So, if you think that your SEO strategies are failing constantly, take a good look at the tactics you are using and make sure they are not outdated.

Here are some outdated SEO strategies that you might be still using:

1. Writing For Search Engines

Content marketing is an integral part of the SEO world and without it, no campaign can survive. So, revise all your content writing strategies. See if your website has high-quality content with added value. Google ranks value-driven content. Leave promotional content for the advertisements. Update blogs and add the latest information to it. In addition to this, ensure that you are addressing the requirements of your customer’s through the content on your website. Leave the search engine algorithms aside and write for your customers.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Yes, keyword stuffing worked ages ago but now the algorithms are smart. They know what you are trying to achieve with the help of keyword stuffing. In fact, in my personal opinion keyword-stuffed content is bad content because it lacks value. So, stop stuffing your content with keywords right away.

3. Article Spinning

Anything generated by a machine, especially content is far less valuable than the one created originally. So, make sure you stop using spinning machines for generating content on your website. It is also vital to note that AI is gradually growing and Google is smart enough to identify spun content from original content.

4. Buying Links

A few years ago it was okay to pay and get maximum high-quality links pointing at your website. However now we know that low-quality domain links pointing to several websites including yours is not a good SEO practice. Google is smart enough to identify websites that are sending or receiving poor quality links. In recent times websites with earned links are valued more than the ones who pay someone to build links for them.

Your Target Keywords Have Less Volume

If most of your target keywords do not receive maximum search volume, it is quite possible that most of your SEO strategies may fall flat. You are better off using target keywords with maximum search volume. To do the same revisit all the pages and see which keyword needs improvisation. Then revamp all your content and optimize your content using those keywords. Also, you have to remember that there is no point in creating 5,000 words content when nobody is searching for it. So, make sure you optimize your content with keywords with a good amount of search volume.

Your Anchor Text Is Excessively Optimized

This is another common mistake that most marketers tend to make. Although over-optimizing is a very vague term in SEO. However, it is always a good idea to use a considerable amount of keywords in the anchor. Enough to make your website rank and suitable to not let Google believe that you are using your SEO strategies for manipulation. A good example of this would be using different text for the anchor text and different for the URL.

You Are Not Using Social Media

It is 2020 and not using social media to build your SEO campaign is a mistake. Google is giving importance to businesses with social media presence and relatively high user authority. This means that you are missing out on all the social shares and an opportunity to build a great campaign with the help of social media. Not only this but as of April 2019, about 24% of the searches are controlled by Bing and social media is the top reason for direct ranking. So, if you are thinking about why your SEO is not working. Perhaps it is high time that you start using social media giants like Instagram and Facebook to build a good SEO campaign.

You Have A Competitive Niche

It is okay to get on the top and be ahead of your competitors. But SEO is tricky. Even if you are ranking on the top and it has taken years for you to reach a well-established ranking, it might not be enough. Here’s why. First and foremost, you might think that SEO is not a strategy to grow in a particular market. This, in turn, is falsy because you will still need SEO to build a quality-driven website and offer excellent user experience. So, for such businesses, you need to think that SEO is the platform to build success. However, ensure that you are not using SEO as the only key to success. This way you will be able to create a list of loyal followers which is sometimes more viral than creating leads.

You Are Not Using Analytics To Track Your Performance

You will never know where you stand until you start using Google Analytics to track your performance. So, before you do anything else set up website analytics. You can set up Google Search Console and Google Analytics and use it to get all the information you need. This way you have an idea about what is not working and what is actually working for your website. Once you set up Google Analytics make sure you are tracking all the elements of your website. For Example, the source of traffic, Interaction on each section of the web page, visitor’s conversion, page views, bounce rate and visitors time. All this will help you optimize your website for the best. But if you feel that only professional help can save your business, try Abbotsford SEO and let the SEO experts work for you.

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