Organize Your Digital Photos And Eliminate A Cluttered Media Library

Organize Your Digital Photos
There's no bigger development in photography than cameras on smartphones. Today, you can take hundreds of photos, upload them on your computer, leave them there to rot, and take a hundred more. Do the process all over again, and everything is fine with the world. But hey, what about your hard drive? Or even your external hard drive? You may have invested in a five-terabyte external hard drive, but chances are that they're already used up, too. What with that trip to Paris last month where you took tens of thousands of photos and videos.

It is time to clean up your hard drive. The first thing you need to do is to remove duplicate files. But how are you going to do that with photos? It's easy not to delete document files. They take up a couple of bytes of your hard drive capacity. Digital images are a different beast. Full-sized, high-resolution photos are at least 40 MB per image. Removing several of them will free up a lot of space in your drive.

Use Facial Recognition and Duplicate Removal Tools

Run your chosen tool and have it sweep your folders for duplicate photos. Don't worry, the tools will ask you whether to delete a certain photo or not. You can also use facial recognition tools to see which photos are alike. You might want to delete the other or delete both. There's no reason for you to have a photo of your boss on your computer, right? Especially a boss you hate. Most of these tools will allow you to set parameters and preferences.

You don't need 10 photos of your kids in front of the same background with the same smiles on their faces. Do you feel bad deleting their photos? Don't. They are the same. There's no need to hog precious hard drive space for the same photos. A trick to make this process easier is to delete burst photos before you transfer them onto your computer. Burst photos are usually consolidated as one on your phone. Choose one photo to keep and delete the rest.

Delete Bad Photos

No matter how much you love photos and the memories they remind you of, there are bad photos. There are photos of you drunk or vomiting. Maybe keep one as a remembrance then throw away the rest? Don't be a photo hoarder. The human population survived on keeping only a handful of photos. You, too, can survive with a few copies of the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty.

Create Folders

You'd want to categorize your photos whether by date or location. Choose whichever way you feel most comfortable. Choose according to how you will search for these photos in the future. You can create folders according to the dates, but use tags for the location. This will allow you to search for photos using dates and/or locations.

Sign up for a Cloud Account

Eventually, your hard drive and external hard drive will run out of space. That's not a problem for a cloud account. Choose the best service provider that fits your budget and needs. You can then upload millions of photos and access them wherever you are. All you need is your username and password. It's easier to organize photos using a cloud account, too.

Technology has made it easier to organize digital files, especially photos. No longer do you have to store boxes of photo albums that gather dust in the attic. You can access photos from 10 to 20 years ago using only your smartphone. How convenient is that? And thanks to expandable hard drive capacity, you can store hundreds of thousands of digital photos on your computer.
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