Profitable Passions: Four Hobbies You Can Turn Into A Business With A Website

Turn Into A Business With A Website
Many people consider turning their hobbies into moneymaking ventures, either as a career change or as a way to bring in additional income. For many, the key to creating a successful hobby-turned-business is through a website. Websites are vital for businesses, especially small to medium-sized ones because more and more consumers are shopping online. A website will bring your products and services to a wider audience, allowing you to generate leads and make a profit out of your passion.

Take a look at this range of hobbies that can generate more income, with a website as your online sales and marketing platform.

Wordpress Coding

If you love tinkering about with Wordpress and experimenting with website design, you have the expertise that many website users desire. Check out any Wordpress forum and you'll see the huge volume of posts looking for advice.

With over 34% of the world's websites using WordPress as their CMS, your potential market is enormous. While millions of users take weeks to search for online solutions, most businesses prefer to have their problems fixed immediately by someone with more developed coding skills. If you have your own website, you'll be able to showcase your areas of expertise, advertise your services and create a Help forum where you can establish relationships with prospective clients.

Freelance Writing

For people who have a way with words and can produce articles with technical accuracy, working as a freelance writer is a great way to earn extra income. With digital marketing companies popping up all over Melbourne, there's an expanding market for it too. Many modern businesses use online content marketing to promote their offerings and attract new visitors to their site. This is mainly done through writing SEO-optimised articles and posting on social media.

Writers who can write engaging and relevant posts, especially those who have the skills to write about niche markets, have plenty of opportunities for projects. With a website, you can show samples of your written work, provide pricing guides and feature client testimonials.

Crafts Sales

There's a huge market out there for people who craft things as part of their hobbies. The list of items you can create and sell is endless: jewelry, bespoke clothing, original artwork, scented candles, bath products, greeting cards, cupcakes, and even homemade toys.

What makes small crafting businesses viable is the uniqueness of the products. They might not be new and innovative, but they come from a small business, which means few people are going to have them. This scarcity makes them more special in people's eyes.

If you've been getting positive feedback from family and friends about your creations, set up a small eCommerce website. It's an ideal way to do something you enjoy and bring in extra income.

Graphic Design

With so many tools and applications available, many people do graphic design projects just for the fun of it. However, there's a huge demand for graphic designers who can create corporate logos, business signage, infographics, web images, book covers-it's a long list.

If you already design graphics as a hobby, no doubt you have the tools to accept sideline projects. With a website, you have the ideal place to display your portfolio and attract clients from across the world.

The hobbies mentioned above are just a few of the many that have the potential to bring in extra income. If you make things people want to purchase or have employable skills, a website is a perfect platform to sell your products and capitalize on your skills and talent.
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