Ways To Make Money In The Summer For Teens

Make Money Summer Teens
Whether you are looking to save up for a vacation or to cover your monthly expenses, there are numerous easy ways for teens to make money online or offline this summer. Depending on your skills and passion for any work you want to do, these are a few things you may consider to earn a bit extra money for yourself.

We have divided this informative content into two major parts, such as:
  • Ways to make money ONLINE this summer
  • Ways to make money OFFLINE this summer
So, without wasting your time, let’s get started:

Ways To Make Money Online

1. Blogging

It is probably the most obvious thing to do for making money online as a teenager. It’s straightforward to set up a website. If you don’t understand any programming code, you could sign up to places like Blogger.com or WordPress.com and start a blog or site within minutes, without having to learn any programming mumbo jumbo.

You can blog about pretty much anything of interest; but, if you want to earn on the web, you have to pick hot topic issues and things which several people are interested in such as traveling in summer, what to wear in this summer, how to take care of your skin in summer to grab the attention of viewers.

So, where does the money come from? It comes from advertising, similar to YouTube, except that you control where the ads show up and what kind of ads you want to show (most of the time). You have to keep in mind, almost all monetization methods, such as joining affiliate programs, the Google AdSense program, etc. are restricted to those who are at least 18 years old.

2. Start Affiliate Site & Start Summer Items

This is an excellent program for adding related products to your website or blog posts. There are multiple affiliate platforms like amazon, click bank, aliexpress, and others that give you a good commission if you join their affiliate program.

You can start selling summer-related products by joining the Amazon Affiliate program. It pays you as high as 8.5% of the total cost per sale. For example, you could add products like summer clothing, swimsuits, summer beauty items, and similar treats. The products on your blog will be extremely relevant and should relate directly to your blog or post. It will increase your CTR (click-through rate).

3. Start A YouTube Channel

YouTube is another fantastic source for making money online. You don’t need any professional skills to start a channel on YouTube. In this way, you can make some terrific cash without leaving your home. There are numerous niches available from which you can start, but it’s better to opt for something catchy or trendy that attracts your viewers so that you can make your channel as a brand.

We suggest you pick a topic something related to summer-like you can Vlog your town in summer. You can share beauty care tips, and you can share DIY videos for summer and much more. Once your channel is established, you can apply for its monetization program and start making money online.

Ways To Make Money Offline

1. Become A Swimming Coach

As the summer approaching, you can be a swimming coach if you’re good at it. For expert swimmers, they can seek for potential clients in the neighborhood, friends, and family who want to learn how to swim. It’s an excellent opportunity for expert teen swimmers to make some good cash in summer by providing their coaching to schools, clubs, or even individuals.

2. Get A Job As A Lifeguard

The opportunity to get a job as a lifeguard is high due to crowded beaches and waterparks in summer. If you are good at swimming, then you must look into this field to earn money offline in summer.

3. Babysitting In Summer

A fun and easy way to earn extra cash is babysitting, this is ideal if you enjoy kids and are good with them. Although babysitting is a job that teenagers have performed throughout the years, it is still a position that yields excellent income.

However, the pay the teen will receive is based on the person they are employed by and their ability to pay a good hourly rate. For those that do a good job, this rate can become quite handsome if the teenager is responsible and does a good job. Most parents who appreciate the work of good baby sitter can afford to pay well if they want to leave the house in comfort. It is also a good incentive for ensuring the baby sitter is available when needed.

4. Become Tutor For Kids

Probably the most convenient job for high school students, since you’re getting paid to recite what you already know. The great thing about tutoring is that you can also choose to teach anything you feel you are good at, whether it’s Mathematics or a foreign language, like French. Although it isn’t easy being a teacher (just ask one your own teachers), you can make quite a decent income from it, much more than being a fast-food outlet worker or waiter/waitress.

5. Use Your Creativity

Be creative and try to make your own product that you could sell in summer. Plan to make some fancy items, which always have a market for. Consider making candles and junk jewelry that need minimum investment and could be sold easily during festive seasons. Do the math well to procure sure shot profits.


Maintaining steady employment for a teen is hard, but these sorts of things will inevitably end. Instead, take it as a blessing and use those experiences and skills that you have learned to impress future employers where you will really “need” to get a job.

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