Search Engine Optimization And Marketing Trends In 2020 [Infographic]

Search Engine Optimization And Marketing Trends
There have been significant improvements and developments in the world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2019. Last year, Google shocked the world with its mobile and speed-related efforts. One of the significant changes that happened in the world of SEO last year is mobile-first indexing.

Mobile-first indexing means that Google uses the mobile version of your page for indexing and ranking. The process of migrating sites to the mobile-first index has been going on since March 2018. However, the mobile-first index does not mean that it is solely for mobile use. There is still a single index with both mobile and desktop versions.

Another development that Google had was including the loading time of a webpage. Google was prioritizing, giving the best UX, and they wanted it fast. In July, it got a twin sibling – mobile page speed became a ranking factor for mobile. Today websites are ranked based on two categorized, optimization and page speed.

The game-changing part of this development is how speed score is generated. The user experience report and the real user’s performance database. You are getting the metrics on how your site loads are difficult to obtain on the devices of users. As a result, getting an accurate rate of how your website is fast cannot be measured by local tests.

In terms of algorithm, Google uses online brand mentions in its algorithm, according to Gary Illyes, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst. One way of using branding as a ranking signal is through unlinked brand mentions where the search engines learn that your brand is an entity by analyzing all properties mentioning it.

Besides the brand awareness of Google, another way of utilizing brands as a ranking tool is through having a reputation, trust, advertising, complaint-solving, and the context of the content itself. Consequently, the sentiment around brand mentions can affect the site’s rankings. Through context, Google can learn what pages are good and evil.

If you sell products online, having your products appear at the Amazon search results can significantly boost your page ranking. According to a study, 56% of consumers go to Amazon every time they are buying products online. Half of the consumers also go to Amazon once they have seen a product on another website.
These are some of the improvements in SEO last year. Today, the landscape is also changed due to the dynamic nature of the internet and its users. If you want to know the trends in SEO in 2020, you can check this Digital Marketing Philippines infographic.
Search Engine Optimization And Marketing Trends
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