How Live Streaming Solutions Help In Streaming A Startup Event

How Live Streaming Solutions Help
Demand for video content has increased manifolds in the past few years. More than 80 percent of video marketers are getting a good ROI from their efforts and none of them plan to reduce their marketing budget spent on producing videos. With the increasing availability of affordable mobile devices and high-speed internet across the world, online video streaming is poised to gain more traction in the coming years.

The availability of OTT platforms and social media channels has kickstarted the new trend of online live video streaming. Brands are able to reach relevant viewers through live streams and capture their responses in real-time. It has become one of the most cost-efficient methods to reach their customer base without having to spend big dollars.

Here is how a live stream can help a startup event gather more traction and engagement:

1. Not Overcrowded

Like the video on demand (VoD), live streaming solutions will also become over-used in the coming years. But right now, it hasn’t reached its peak. Live streaming events easily gain traction in social media feeds, unlike normal videos and posts. This means you can have a large organic reach without having to spend money on marketing.

For instance, Facebook’s organic posts only reach a limited number of users due to increased competition. But it is not the case with live streaming events right now. Hence, if you want to reach maximum number of audiences organically on social media, then live streaming is the best bet.

2. Reach Your Niche

Viewing a live online video streaming demands more commitment from users. They need to log in at the time of your and the platform on which you are going live. This enables an automatic filter and weeds out people who are not interested in your information or business.

For instance, if your live streaming event is about launching a new set of wireless earphones then more people would be interested in watching the event who are planning to buy wireless earphones instead of those who already have one.

3. Take Audience Behind The Scene

The audience are always interested in knowing more than expected. This is the reason that every popular movie or a TV show releases “behind the scenes” footage.

Take your audience behind the curtains, and show them how a product or service is produced and delivered to them. Connect with the audience by making them familiar with relatable conditions and how real people are working behind the scene to deliver a product or service.

You can also make the whole process engaging by taking questions from the audience and answer them with real examples during the live stream.

4. Cost-Efficient

With so many social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube; you can deliver a live feed to your audience free of cost. You can easily capture the video through a webcam or a smartphone.

Unlike traditional marketing through blogs that require you to own hosting and domain name, you can leverage live streaming on social media without any expenditure.

However, if you need better control and customization of the live feed, then it is advisable to leverage a capable OTT platform with robust live streaming solutions. This will allow you to control the video quality, switch scenes, and use a multi-camera setup to make your live stream look professional and more engaging.

A professional live video streaming service can also save your audience from watching unwanted ads like on YouTube of Facebook. It will encourage more users to enjoy our live feed without having to suffer through promotions and ads. Unwanted ads will also prevent the user from exiting the video.

OTT services like Phando offers white-label services to ensure no ads are displayed on your live streaming page. You can also customize its live stream player as per your branding requirements.

5. More Engaging

Unlike online video streaming that allows viewers to just watch the video, online live streaming offers a host of engagement features. You can enable the audience to take surveys, ask questions, chat/ discuss with other viewers, take a poll, and chat with the audience among others in real-time.

Live streaming offers you the ability to take instant feedback/ reaction of your viewers to gauge the quality of your product or service. You can leverage live streaming to deliver live support, review of the product, and office tours to the audience.

6. Training Session

If you have a new product or service on offers, then it is also essential to train your customers to use it properly. You can do away with the hassle of calling customers to your office, and train them through a live video session. And live video training session is also more engaging than just giving a boring catalog.

You can make sure that everyone takes your live streaming session by advertising it on social media platforms. Take a survey of the most suitable time for the training to maximize the number of participants.

7. Repurpose The Live Video

You can easily repurpose your live video feed as a video published on YouTube, video transcript, or an infographic. Repurposing will help you widen the reach of your content among audience on different channels and users who missed your live stream.

8. Track Analytics

The whole purpose of your live streaming event is to create more buzz and generate lead/ sales for your products or service. You can leverage analytics to track and evaluate the success of your event. Analytics dashboards and tracking tools can help you gauge the effectiveness of your live stream.

Track the number of viewers, location, demographics, behavior, and engagement to identify your real customers. You can also gain actionable insights about how to enhance your broadcast in the future by refining the content strategy.

Wrapping Up!

With the live streaming market gaining more traction, it has become essential for brands and startups to engage the audience through live streaming events. It will help businesses understand the audience through real-time interactions and feedback cost-efficiently. If you are low on budget, you can leverage live streaming capabilities of social media platforms. However, it is advisable to go with a professional OTT service to live stream your videos with greater customization and control.

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