10 Best Time Management Tools For Marketing Agencies In 2020

Time Management Tools For Marketing Agencies
Whether you’re a freelancer or part of a larger marketing agency, time is your most valuable commodity. Time is money as they say. So could time management software be the best way to manage your team efficiently?

Our guest writer, Alex Lysak from ScanTeam, explains just how you can benefit from these tools. Plus, we look at the ten best project management software for marketing teams.

Why Use a Time Management Tool?

The online world has revolutionized marketing. Teams collaborate from different parts of the world while never setting foot in the same office. Some of your client base may not even be on the same continent.

So how can you ensure efficient service delivery to your clients? Keep accurate time logs for employees and the billing of clients? The headache and mountain of paperwork are enough to keep any business owner awake at night.

Time management software offers the answer to streamlining your business into the agency of your dreams. These tools provide faster collaboration for remote teams. Accurately track time spent on projects to better bill your clients and pay your team. You can even generate reports for better clarity on your business.

There’s every reason to implement time management software into your business, but where do you begin? With so many options available online, which is your best option? We dive in to find the top project management software in 2020.

Top 10 Time Management Tools

Below you’ll find the top 10 project management software for 2020. These tools stick out in terms of providing your business with efficiency as well as value for money.


Used by startups to enterprises, Trello provides a great marketing project management tool. Its use of visual cards for tasks makes team collaboration a breeze. Set your days tasks, giving priority to the most important. Keep track of your team's progress on specific projects and even set up separate groups and dashboards.

Trello’s simplicity rather than features list is its main selling point. The user-friendly interface makes for a shallow learning curve. The file-sharing and commenting features are perfect for remote teams spread across the globe.

It offers a free version for personal use and a paid version for businesses.


This time management software provides an all-in-one solution for a competent marketing agency. Manage your time spent on tasks and projects with timesheets. Keep an overview of projects in progress and set up custom reports to improve efficiency.

ProofHub allows for multiple timesheets. This feature provides you with accurate time management for effective payroll and client billing. Its comprehensive and customizable dashboard means you keep track of what you feel is necessary.

The software is offered in multiple price packages to fit your needs better. There’s also a free trial version if you’re more of a hands-on tester.

Focus Booster

A fantastic tool for freelancers, Focus Booster helps you put an end to procrastination. Keep track of your time spent on each task. Record your sessions every day on a handy timesheet. Know when it's time for a short break and view reports finding areas for improvement.

This tool allows you to see what you do with your time and feel productive. It also offers a great feature allowing you to create invoices for projects or tasks you tracked your time on. This efficient billing system means you can better charge clients for your time.

The software offers a price plan for an individual as well as a professional plan for multiple users.


Track and assign your time in multiple ways with TimeCamp. Create manual timesheets or set a timer to record the time spent on projects accurately. Use time tracking to improve the billing of your clients.

You can even add payment gateways for your clients to pick the most convenient method.

The reporting feature helps you find ways to improve not only your time management but also your profitability. TimeCamp is available on both desktop and mobile.

Pricing plans currently come in two packages, namely basic and pro.


This cloud-based project management solution offers agencies robust social collaboration. Clarizen allows you to set up an unlimited amount of projects. Keep track of your budget and expense management. Plus, set alerts on the completion of projects from team members.

The customizability and unlimited project cap make this one of the best project management software for marketing teams. Its features will have you finding ways to move your business forward while streamlining your team’s performance.

There’s only one pricing plan available and is per user based. This means you can scale the software to meet your needs.


Replicon is a multi-feature time management software. It helps individually track time spent on projects for large teams. It also provides accurate timesheets to bill your clients. It has the ability to set different billing rates for separate users.

This solution is perfect for larger agencies looking to monitor and manage specific employee time usage. Its comprehensive reporting feature provides detailed time usage at the end of every month. This helps identify critical areas for you to improve on.

The software is priced according to the number of users and scales to your business.


Bill4Time is a cloud-based time management tool. Its software allows you to simplify your billing as well as track and recover lost revenue. Record the time spent on projects for better time management and accurate billing.

Set up an automatic invoice generator allowing for multiple online payment options. Keep a list of billable and non-billable time as well as other metrics via an extensive reporting tool. You can set your reports to generate every day, week, or month.

There’s only one package available. You can then add users for an additional fee.


Nutcache is a great all in one time management tool mainly targeted towards small teams. Features include time tracking and an invoice generator. Better manage your expenses and accurately bill your clients for the time spent on projects.

The simple and intuitive dashboard makes Nutcache a simple tool to learn. You can link finished projects straight to your clients. Have reports generated monthly to find areas you can improve on.

Nutcache offers a free package allowing up to 20 users. Anything more than 20 and you will need to opt for the paid version. The paid version also provides more features compared to the free package.


Freckles’ visually pleasing time management tool makes time tracking fun. Record your team’s time spent on projects for accurate billing. Keep your eye on the overall status of tasks with a comprehensive dashboard.

This tool also integrates with your Mac timer app and even your iPhone app. Have an in-depth report generated and categorize teams or people for a daily overview report. The use of tags to track projects and tasks makes Freckle a unique tool. The tags allow you to navigate non-billable and billable tasks easily.

Pricing for Freckle is based on the number of users required.

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects improve your time tracking for tasks and projects. Its time management tool allows you to set estimates and then compare to the actual time spent on a task. This unique feature helps you give accurate client estimates, eliminating poor performance delivery.

Generate invoices based on the time spent on each project. Use the tool on your mobile to track time while you’re on the go. Set custom reports for daily, weekly, and monthly performance reviews.

Teamwork Projects offers only one package. Although it doesn’t provide as many features as the other tools, the integration opportunities make this a robust tool for any marketing agency.


Time management tools help better streamline your business. Not only can you manage your team and projects more effectively, but your client billing also improves. So what are you waiting for? Sign up and find out just how effective your agency can be.

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