Tips For Making Your Online Business A Hit

Making Your Online Business A Hit
Retail sales in the United States climb nearly every year, and online sales especially are growing at a staggering rate thanks to the extreme popularity of eCommerce. Just last year, online sales increased 14.9% from the previous year, and they made up 16% of total retail sales. It's true that overall retail sales have taken a hit this year thanks to the pandemic, but online sales are projected to be up 18% due to customers being forced online. With this kind of reliable growth, it's no wonder so many aspiring entrepreneurs look at online stores as their best chance at success.

Of course, the popularity of online stores doesn't mean it's easy to build a successful one. Roughly half of startups fail within their first four years, and you'll need to avoid the most common mistakes when setting up your store to avoid becoming an unfortunate case. Here are some of the most important things to focus on.

Focus On The User Experience

Some of the easiest ways to turn users away from your site are by having an unresponsive or aesthetically unpleasing website. These days, there are plenty of site maker templates out there you can use if you lack the capital to hire a professional website designer. To ensure great user experience, you absolutely have to optimize your site for mobile devices as well as desktop. The majority of people are on smartphones every day, and mobile devices are expected to make up 54% of total online sales by next year.

Some best practices for mobile optimization include making all text and images easy to see on mobile devices, having menu buttons designed for the "fat finger," increasing your page speed, and ensuring the user stays in a single browser window. You can even purchase themes for your products online to make things easier.

Remember That Content Is King

Every business needs advertising to draw in its target audience, and you have plenty of options for your online business. You could always go with paid ads and social media advertising, but these may not be your best options in the long run. Content marketing, that's posting original content online that shows off your products and business, provides valuable information to your customers and gives you a permanent source of advertising.

Take a look at, for example. They specialize in selling Berlinger Haus and Blaumann brand kitchenware in the United States. Their website has detailed product descriptions for everything they sell, and they've even created videos for each product showing off its features. Video is widely considered the best kind of content for marketing purposes, especially since Cisco is predicting 82% of online traffic will be video by 2022. If you're selling specialty products, you might consider making blog posts on sites your target audience frequents, or you can offer newsletters to existing customers as well.

Keep Scaling In Mind

An online business that wants to stay successful in the long run needs to be scalable to adapt to increasing needs as its customer base grows. If you're having a hard time turning a profit when selling just a few products, the problem will get worse when you're selling more. Perhaps the best solution to keep on top of things is OKRs software.

Objectives and key results (OKR) is a management framework made for organized goal setting that encourages employee engagement, transparency, and accountability. The framework is divided into two basic ideas.

Objectives: These are the company goals that you're trying to achieve, and they should be communicated to the entire organization. Examples of strategic examples could be to boost sales this quarter or to improve customer service.

Key Results: These are the metrics by which you track progress toward your objectives. Key results are specific and measurable. If your objective was to receive 20% more positive customer reviews this quarter, and reviews are up by 7% in the first month, you would be on track to your objective.

OKRs make it easy to set ambitious goals for your company and keep track of all team members' progress toward your goals. AN organized business is much more likely to succeed long term.
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