Small Sites Compete In SEO With Large Sites

Small Sites Compete In SEO With Large Sites
It may seem impractical to compete with large companies for consumer attention. For them, what is not lacking is an investment for marketing and visibility for their brand. These SEO tips are for you from Glamy SEO service.

The good news is that digital marketing is democratic: any type or size of business can succeed with online strategies. Even better is when we talk about competing in affordable SEO, which is independent of media investments.

All you need to do is gain insight into the opportunities that exist for small businesses and websites, which large ones usually do not have access to or do not enjoy.

First, let's look at the affordable SEO company advantages of small and large sites so that later you understand the strategies that can be used to your advantage.

Advantages Of Big SEO Sites

Big companies, with long-established websites and a mature online presence, have some advantages in SEO that you can't ignore. Know the main ones:

1. Financial Resources

What comes to mind first when you think about the difference between small and big business? You may well answer money to invest.

While SEO doesn't require media investment, it takes some money to acquire tools, has a specialized team to do the optimizing, or outsource services with a digital agency.

And indirectly, paid media also contributes to a good ranking by strengthening the brand and increasing its visibility. For large sites, there is no shortage of financial resources for this.

2. Expert Marketing Department

Large companies usually have an organized marketing department, with specialists for different areas of digital marketing.

When this sector is leaner, the company may choose to hire an agency that knows the digital market deeply and has even more specialized professionals.

Meanwhile, in small businesses, it is often the owner who takes care of the site and social networks, or the staff is small, with few professionals dedicated to many tasks. Thus, there is no time left to delve into SEO strategies.

3. Site Authority

Probably a large company has been in the market for a few years and also has a long-established website.

Over the years, this site has received many visits, many links from other pages, many published content. So, Google may already consider that it has great authority, essential to compete in affordable SEO packages.

4. Brand Confidence

Market time is a factor that also arouses confidence in consumers.

Over the years, the company has built its reputation, made its brand better known and kept in people's minds. And if it has been consolidated for so long, why not trust?

Small sites, however, do not have all this visibility and are often still entering the market, conquering their space. Building trust takes time.

5. Complete And Consistent Online Presence

With great investment power and a robust team, large companies can often exploit all digital channels well.

They are present and active on various social networks, have an email marketing strategy, work with search marketing and have clear goals on each channel.

This increases visibility and strengthens the brand.
Small Sites Compete In SEO With Large Sites

Advantages of Small SEO Sites

Don't be scared by all the advantages of the big sites just mentioned - the small ones also have their potential! Check out:

1. Agile Processes With Small Teams

Small teams may not have such skilled professionals, but they have one big benefit: agility.

In a large company, a simple task needs to go from the supervisor, manager, director, to the business owner! This makes the processes more cluttered.

But in a small business, professionals have more autonomy to manage their tasks and make decisions, as the staff is small. You don't have to hold long team meetings and wait for management's decision.

This gives you agility, which is a requirement of today's marketing.

2. Freedom Of Creation

In small businesses, there is more openness to taking risks. This contributes to daring innovative actions, which can bring great results, but with no guarantee that it will work.

This is also related to the decision power that every trader has: if you have an idea, simply execute it. It does not need approval at various levels of the company.

Meanwhile, the big ones are more concerned with investing only in what generates the right return. In this way, they only travel the paths already taken, which limits creativity.

3. Identification With Niches

Large companies need scalability. So they can't identify with just one niche - they need to communicate with the mass because the more people consume the better.

And there is a great opportunity for small businesses to compete in SEO, as it can choose niches and become an authority within them.

The public is much more confident of a brand that speaks their language and understands their problems and needs.

4. Authenticity

Big brands have a hard time being authentic. They need to show all the time that they are good at everything, that they have the best products and that they don't fail. This makes it difficult to win public sympathy.

On the other hand, being transparent and authentic shows that your business is made by humans. By building humanized relationships, you also build emotional connections.

And small businesses have more openness to talk to people as they understand their problems and needs.

5. Focus On A Few Strategies

Focused on just a few digital strategies, a small business can focus on and excel at few actions.

This is the case, for example, with SEO. If you believe that optimizing your site is the main need at the moment, your efforts can focus on that and put paid campaigns and social networks aside.

Large companies, however, have a complete online presence and cannot afford to abandon any channel because a huge audience would no longer be impacted.

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