Reasons To Avoid Free VPN Services

Reasons To Avoid Free VPN Services
The rise and popularity of the internet have simplified and solidified our lives in several ways. The internet is filled with tons and tons of information and it is being accessed by millions of people every day. People from all over the world access the internet to find helpful solutions and advice that will aid them in their daily lives. Your search history is filled with all kinds of queries. It could be something as simple as finding a good restaurant in your vicinity or it could be something as complex as using machine learning and AI to solve baffling human problems. It wouldn’t be wrong to call this age, ‘the age of enlightenment’.

However, internet usage has also caused several problems for us. An excess of anything is generally bad and so is the case with the internet. While it may be a powerful tool for finding and getting everything that you need to make your life easier, it isn’t free from disadvantages. The biggest and most pressing concern that internet users face is the threat of data breach and fraudulent activity. It wouldn’t be wrong to call our online activities a reflection of our true selves. Hackers, scammers, and government surveillance can track and monitor your online blueprint. This puts you at the risk of unwanted exposure. For this purpose, many people have started using VPN services.

VPN services have become a necessity to protect your online data and to avoid all kinds of inconveniences. However, not all VPNs are created equally. This is particularly true for free VPNs. Free VPNs might seem alluring and tempting but they are extremely dangerous. They don’t offer the security, privacy, anonymity, and liberty provided by their paid counterparts. Don’t be fooled by a free VPN service that claims to be the best VPN app because all of it is an illusion. An illusion that gets you in a lot of trouble. In this article, I will highlight all the top reasons that make free VPN services risky and dangerous. I will shed light on the harmful effects of these free VPN services and highlight the factors that you should consider before opting for any VPN service. Keep reading on and discover what these free VPN services have been hiding from you.

1- No Privacy

The biggest disadvantage of using a free VPN service is that they don’t care about your privacy or security. Unlike paid VPN services, Free VPNs aren’t bothered about the privacy or security of their users. They don’t care if your online security or anonymity gets compromised. When you use a free VPN service, you are allowing them to track and monitor all your online data. These free VPNs don’t have strict policies and regulations to protect user data. They end up selling your sensitive info to third parties to generate revenue. This is what their business model is based on. They actively trade your data to keep providing free services. They end up doing exactly what they claim to protect you from. Some of these free VPNs even mention it in their privacy policy but most of us are too unbothered to read any of the privacy policies or terms and conditions.

2- Slower Connection

Another reason to steer away from free VPNs is that they are slow. Any free VPN that claims to offer the fastest VPN experience or even a fast VPN connection is misleading you. They are making such claims to lure people to make them use their services. Nobody wants to miss out on free stuff. This makes more people opt for free VPN services. The only problem is that with so many users taking advantage of the free VPN, the internet speed gets compromised. It is common for free VPN users to face speed throttle and at times they even have to deal with a lost connection. So whenever a free VPN claims to offer a fast VPN experience, consider it a false advertisement to gain more users.

3- Filled With Intrusive Ads

Like we mentioned earlier, free VPNs trade your information to third parties for advertisement. This results in you having to experience tons of intrusive ads that completely spoil your browsing experience. You end up getting blasted with random ads while surfing the web. Not only is this annoying but it’s also infuriating. Of course, you wouldn’t have to face any of this if you picked a paid VPN service.

4- Limited Choices

Free VPNs limit your options and give you a small number of locations to connect to. This becomes a big problem when you want to access geo-restricted content. Since you have limited countries and servers to connect to, you often miss out on the amazing shows and series that are restricted in your country.

5- Malware Exposure

Free VPNs are not only bad for your online security, but they are also bad for the devices you access them from. Free VPNs are filled with malware which can infect and corrupt your device(s). They have no ad blockers, malware protection, or Nat Firewall. This exposes you to viruses and makes your device susceptible to get corrupted.

Use FastestVPN To Solve All Your Privacy And Security Issues

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Stop compromising your privacy and security by choosing VPN services. They might be free but they aren’t any good at shielding you from prying eyes. You need a fast, secure, and affordable solution that leaves room for no errors. Therefore, I recommend that you opt for FastestVPN and for once experience what a fast VPN service feels like!

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