Simple Is Better: Keeping Your Website Design Simple

Keeping Your Website Design Simple
When it comes to website design, some business owners have this mistaken belief that the snazzier it is, the more people will come to check it out. Now, this may be true if your website is purely to display content and nothing more. But, if you're using the site as an online marketing platform, it's important to rein in your urge to make it as flamboyant as you want.

That's because in the world of online marketing, the simpler your website is, the more sales you'll generate. So, if you've hired SEO services in Utah and you're ready to have your site optimized, remember to keep the design simple. Here's why.

Customers Have Short Attention Spans

What you need to understand about your customers is that they have short attention spans. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of other online stores that sell what you sell. If your website is filled with useless content, which you only placed there because it looks cool, your visitors might only get bored and move on to other sites.

Also, science has discovered that people will always prefer to take the easier route when it comes to thinking. It's what experts refer to as cognitive fluency. If your website needs some intense thinking to figure out how to navigate it, then you'll definitely turn off some of your customers.

Customers Want Familiarity

Another thing you should keep in mind when designing your website is that when people become familiar with something, the more that they like it. If your website is simple and easy to navigate, they will become familiar with it right away. Then, the more they will choose to stay.

If you change your website design frequently, though, or alter the pages or the functions of some buttons, your customers will be turned off. That's because they will have to familiarize themselves with your website again. Rather than do that, they'll simply go somewhere else.

Customers Have Too Many Options

Customers have so many other options if their first choice is not to their liking. And since they have so many options, their patience is very limited. If it takes them more than a minute to refresh your page, they will likely leave your site for another.

So, you need to ensure that your website is simple enough for them to navigate their way through. You also need to make sure that your web design is not too flamboyant because it's not what will attract your visitors. They want to see your products right away and not be awed by your design.

Customers Want Good And Simple Content

Finally, people want to read content that's concise and direct to the point. If you pepper your website with fluff pieces, they'll see that you're not offering anything of value and that your sole concern is to sell products.

If you're going to build a website, take advice from the experts and try to keep your design as simple as possible. You'll soon realize that that's what people want when the number of your visitors starts to grow.
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