Best Drop Shipping Software

Best Drop Shipping Software
Drop-Shipping…… What is it?

Dropshipping is a business in which the seller independently buys some goods directly from the factory and ships them to a customer and keeps the difference for itself. It is not a retail business where you buy a wholesale rate and keep the difference, but this is more of selling on-demand thing.

Dropshipping being very in these days as a business, it needs certain tools for a good profit. For this purpose, there are certain companies online providing many different types of software to calculate what you earn different aspects of brands and how you will be able to earn the difference in the most profitable way.

Salesource is one of the best eCommerce dropshipping software. We at GUI TRICKS prefer that you use it on a computer than on the web. It has some of the best features that no other eCommerce software will offer or won't offer at such prices.
Best Drop Shipping Software
Salesource has a very cool dash board which on logging in gives you a quick analysis of your business by telling you the number of the product that you need to analyze this week, products you have ordered from Aliexpress and Shopify, number of requests made to different brands for factory prices etc. Also, scrolling up will give you a list of products for analyzing, so you can buy and get a good profit which is also estimated by salesource in form of Potential sales.

Salesource also provides you with a certain set of training videos to get the hang of the software and manage your eCommerce with a better vision and investment to grow your dropshipping business to the next level.

Product Search On Salesource:

Once you select a product and search for it, Salesource has some cool features that will help you get the best prices from AliExpress and Shopify, compare these prices with other seller selling this product on aliexpress, Shopify and even amazon.
Best Drop Shipping Software

Let Us Explain:

Price Optimiser: Here Salesource finds each and every product listing on aliexpress of your product so that you can find the best price i.e. the cheapest one to kick you profit upon the dollar scale.

Competitors Page: Salesource will give you all the stores that are selling your product which also includes sites like Amazon and even WordPress. In this, you can see how much monthly revenue your competitor makes.

Product Description: It will give you a generated product description of multiple kinds to save you your precious time so you can focus on how much can you make out of selling it.

Product Videos: This is still in BETA mode but works like a charm for finding the best videos for your product.

Product Analyzer:

Best Drop Shipping Software
This feature is a handy thing. If you know what exactly that you want, you can just upload a picture or a link of Aliexpress/ Shopify to analyze the product. The search is quite amazing, and you will get the best analysis based on your very exact search. Before going for this, make sure you know what you want to search so that you can professionally look for things that are more important than comparing which product to buy.

Best Sellers By Niche:

Best Drop Shipping Software
This cool feature actually lets you search for bestselling products of specific Niche. In other words, you will get to know what is the bestselling product in women's clothing it could be anything that is categorized under women's clothing tag e.g. tops, lingerie etc. So, try this feature if you want to sell in a very specific niche and sell the bestseller products.

Best Sellers all Time:

Best Drop Shipping Software
This feature lets you search for the best products that have been on the top charts on shopping sites and this will help you in your hunt for the perfect buy so that you can have the best profit on basis of best selling products.

Support At Your Fingertips

Best Drop Shipping Software
The support feature is awesome at salesource software. They have a very fast and responsive chatbox hanging on a side of your screen, just click and type in your query for a quick response.


Analyze and search for your dropshipping products using Salesource for a winning profit and boost your sales to get your hands on that sweet sweet profit. We at GUI TRICKS have found that this is one of the best software to get your hands on so that you can focus on your goal and spend less time on manual search analysis.
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