Effective Email Marketing Tactics That Will Boost Your Business Sales

Effective Email Marketing Tactics
Email Marketing is the most effective method to connect with your customers and acquire better business ROI. Managing the email marketing campaigns correctly will lead you to achieve the business goals in the simplest way. Effective email marketing campaigns need to be written to grasp customer attention in busy inboxes. Email marketing is all about building trust and rapport with your prospective business prospects that will encourage the prospects to look into your business through this you can grow your business faster.

Follow these effective email marketing tactics
  • Segment Your Email Contact Database
  • Make Your Subject Line Noticeable
  • Personalize Your Email Message
  • Optimize Email Content for Mobile Device
  • Re-engage on inactive subscribers
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1. Segment Your Email Contact Database

Why do you want to segment your email database?

Every business professionals requirements are different one email might be suited for some people and different to the others.

How annoying is it to receive an email regarding educational services that you are related to real estate business. You can avoid this by segmenting your email lists to the target audience with a relevant message.

Segment your email list by industry, company size, geographical location, and many more depending on your requirements.

Ask your customers how often they wish to receive the emails depending on that create a group and send an email which you wanted to deliver the marketing message.

Using your subscriber’s location to send upcoming event emails can make the attention of the subscribers instead of sending bulk event emails.

The benefit of segmented email contact database is you can deliver your message to the exact audience and run a result oriented marketing campaign.

2. Make Your Subject Line Noticeable

The subject lines are the gateway to your email content to be noticed. From the viewpoint, the subject line is the starting of the campaign. If you fail to capture your audience attention at that moment most probably your campaign ends on there.

Make sure your subject line should be between 35-38 characters long. Most of the mobile devices don’t show lengthy titles. Create an attractive title and try to use the first name of the customer that can grab the customer’s attention easily.

The perfect subject lines are tested to be most beneficial to engage the prospects to read the entire content in the email message.

Customers will pay attention and open your email only if you make your subject line stand out.

3. Personalize Your Email Message

Are you going to spend money to market your products and services to the prospects then make sure you are sending them a quality email message?
  • Ask the Right Questions
  • Build Customer Personal Information
  • Use Location and Time

Personalizing the email message can deliver the exact message that is what your customer wants and it could make the customer feels like face to face interactions.

The simple method of personalization is addressing the recipients by name and customizes your content depending on which industry, company, and location you are targeting. You should write your messages like that you are writing to one person.

Create relevant content that should be well written and provide links for better accessibility and add a call to action button this will increase the engagements.
Effective Email Marketing Tactics

4. Optimize Email Content For Mobile Device

When it comes to mobile-optimized emails use a responsive template and don’t use them too many images. Try to avoid long sentences use to break up text this can decrease customer distraction.

The email is not optimized for a mobile device no matter how valuable your message customers will ignore if they don’t get to the point right away.
  • Make your email design that fits the mobile display to deliver your exact message.
  • Make your email subject line and heading shot and effective.

Creating a responsive email design can engage the user experience. Include a call to action button for better customer engagement and convert that into sales leads.

The email open rate in desktop pc is reduced and mobile open rate is increased. Lead generation will happen through email marketing. Increase the size of links and call to action button and preview your email messages before sending to the customers. The mobile-optimized email message can generate more revenue in email marketing.

5. Re-engage On Inactive Subscribers

Define your inactive subscribers whom all are not interacting with you for a while and create a group of inactive customers. Create a win back an email that can wake up your inactive subscriber.

The primary reasons to subscribers become inactive are they feel company emails not relevant to them. Look at the data and do research what may need to change for the subscribers.

Instead of sending a sales pitch sends useful information to increase your business. Create a curiosity that can grab the attention of the inactive subscribers to re-engage with your businesses.

Why do we want to re-engage the customers? Most businesses can benefit from existing customers. It’s much easier to sell a product to an existing customer instead of selling to a new customer.

Take the opportunity and invite them to fill out some survey so that they can connect with your business again. Re-engaging the customers is worth the investment and you can bring some of the customers back.


Email marketing still remains the best way to get interact with the customers personally and effectively. Email marketing delivers good results continuously if you follow these guidelines before implement and send an email. Update your email marketing strategy and create a message that is personalized for different devices. You can get more responsive customers that will improve your campaign performance. I hope this post will be useful for your business growth in email marketing.

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