What Will Android Look Like In The Next Five Years?

What Will Android Look Like In The Next Five Years?
Well! We all are familiar with android almost every person who owns a smartphone today has Android running on his device. Google launched android way back in 2008 with a hope of creating a user-friendly and stable operating system for touch screen based smartphones. However, today android has gone past that initial thought that germinated it. Android TV for televisions, Android Auto for cars, and Wear OS for wrist watches are some of the extensions of Android that Google might have not thought for when it launched the Android.

From the day it was launched android has only seen growth. The upward trajectory hasn't stopped and many versions of Android have been launched such as KitKat, lollipop, cupcake etc. What was supposed to be an alternate mobile experience is now running on around 88 percent of all smartphones.

Talking on the business front almost all the popular e-commerce entities and businesses have an Android mobile app as the chief source of customer interaction. More and more firms are looking to hire an Android developer to get the app developed for their businesses. Android’s popularity in the business domain can be substantiated by the very fact that firms look to hire android developer when the idea of having an app for their business surfaces.

As an Android lover, if you have thought that you have seen it all in the path of its growth then you are totally wrong. Google is not sitting idle, cashing on the success of Android. Yes, Google is working for the advancement of this amazing mobile Operating System (OS).

Ever thought what would be the future of Android or how it would look in the coming 5 to 10 years. Well, if you have thought about that (or even if you haven’t) then to give your imagination and curiosity a taste of actuality we would discuss the future of Android right here.

So, carry on reading as you are about to get into the future of what your popular OS would be like. Let’s get on the way.


The interface is something what we usually interact with while using android on any smartphone (or say on any of the devices). The user interface or the interface is the platform through which we give commands, to the smartphone's display. As you have already noticed that every time there is an update for Android it comes with an enhanced mechanism for an interface which provides a better experience and a more user-friendly interface.

So, in the coming time, you can expect a more refined and enhanced user interface that can go beyond that face detection mechanism. Maybe something that can understand your gestures and operates accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is something we have been hearing more often than not. AI refers to the ability of a machine through which it can learn itself and make decisions just like humans do. AI is in the initial stages of its public use and what we see and use is just the beginning. When I say we are using AI then I want to highlight apps like Google assistant
What Will Android Look Like In The Next Five Years?
In about the next 5 years the Google Assistant is going to be so good that people won’t even need a living being as their assistance as they will have Google assistant up for the task. Android’s Google has the potential to become the backbone of everything on Android. Even today Google assistant is good enough to make phone calls, to set a dinner reservation or to stitch together multiple exposures to make the best photo possible, so just imagine what it would be capable of doing in 5 years from now.

It’s not just Google assistant , you might have heard of IOT (internet of things ) which is basically setting up a connection between everything you have around you such as your refrigerator, air conditioner, mobile phone, your television set, car and every other thing that can optimize and has unknown amount of benefits. Well, here Amazon is the one who has taken lead by its project called Alexa which is opened to third parties.

Augmented Reality (AR) And Virtual Reality (VR)

When the words Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) come to our mind the first thing that comes to our mind is high-end games. However, Google has a vast application for this technology, but don’t confuse yourself with AR, VR and vice-versa.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are like 2 faces of the same coin. Augmented reality layers a virtual world in the real world and virtual reality is like a total simulation that creates a virtual environment for the user and has nothing to do with reality.

Google has already designed its own software framework for this technology. That’s in addition to making it more compatible with its recent juggernaut Google pixel, just what it would be like after its been completed and available for commercial purposes. It’s not just limited to a smartphone this technology is also used in the medical field where it is used to diagnose human cells and find out the ones that are infected. If this technology becomes commercial it’s going to change the way people live.

Potential Replacement

“There is always someone or something better”. Well google for a long time is working on an operating system that is potentially said to replace the android system in the future, however, there is no announcement for it. This operating system is called fuchsia and is based on a new microkernel called "Zircon" rather than Linux Kernal which is used by Android and Chrome OS. Zircon is a small operating system which is intended to be used on embedded systems. This upcoming operation systems application is written with flutter which enables cross-platform development options.

Well, we hope that by know your curiosity might have settled and you have got the answer to the question with which we started our discussion. To conclude the discussion we can say that android is in the process of evolving itself. The plans are ready with Google and the work on its future outlook is already underway. For the time being, we can assume that the future Android would look far better than it uses to look 5 years ago and we can also say be sure that it is going to be more user-friendly after 5 years. “Android for sure will change the way we see and look at the world around us “.

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