Tips For Using Technology To Improve Employee Engagement

Technology To Improve Employee Engagement
Technology has been bringing many great innovations into each and every industry. One of its biggest advantages is the employers’ ability to increase employee engagement with the help of technology. Here are tips for using technology to improve employee engagement.

1. Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

This is perhaps not only extremely important for employee engagement but also for the general functioning and management of your business. If your employees know how to collaborate with each other and work together, then you will notice that they perform much better than they would if they worked individually.

Likewise, technology can help you promote teamwork in the workplace and encourage your employees to coordinate their activities accordingly. Here are some things to keep in mind when using technology to improve employee engagement:
  • Flexibility: For starters, you can significantly improve the flexibility of your employees which will, in turn, allow your team to do more in a shorter period of time. Flexibility has now become an integral part of businesses, so you need to understand its importance and start making it a fundamental part of your business too.
  • Remote & Freelance Work: Directly connected to flexibility is your ability to now hire remote and freelance workers. With so many platforms available online for finding such employees, it has now become more accepted and widespread even among large companies and corporations.
  • Communication: Lastly, communication is more available and can be done more swiftly and easily. Just choose a messaging system and a project managing app, so that each of your workers can join them and communicate with each other through these platforms.

2. Individual Tech Tools

While general technology can help companies with increasing employee engagement through more teamwork, individual tech tools can still assist your workers greatly in a variety of ways. In fact, it is crucial that you do not underestimate this aspect of your business and provide your employees with all the necessary tools.

Handheld mobile devices like smartphones and tablets will allow your employees to always be available as well as be able to add new details to their work even if they aren’t currently in the workplace but had an idea that could be useful in the future. But there is still the aspect of laptops, audio-visual tech, and so on.

Laptops and computers are usually more expensive which means not every company will be able to afford them. However, if you know that you will be more productive with powerful computers, then it is better to purchase those and make your team smaller. A few experts with good tech can be way more effective than a large number of amateurs with bad tech.

3. Mobile Check-Ins

The interactions between employers and employees have drastically changed with the emergence of new technologies. This is why mobile check-ins might be a new, still relatively unexplored way of communicating with your workers that you could adopt in your company.

Consider the language barrier which might still be a problem for many businesses that exchange workers with overseas companies. If you are a business owner struggling with this problem, you could start using writers from Online Writers Rating to help you establish better bonds with these workers and smoothly integrate them into your mobile communication plan.

Do some research on the kinds of apps there are that allow employers to create projects and employees to check-in into these projects. These could be simple project managing apps, as mentioned earlier, or more advanced programs that will probably have some kind of learning curve. But even if they are hard to master at first, they are usually worth it in the end.

If nothing else helps, using standard messaging apps can also be a great idea. However, you might want to switch to Asana or a similar platform if you are using WhatsApp. This is because Asana allows you to have the so-called “channels” and has more options when it comes to the app’s overall functionality.

4. Provide Peer-To-Peer Recognition

Feedback is very important when it comes to improving your business however you can. This includes both the feedback from your workers and the feedback from your customers. After all, you want to hear every side and take into account every opinion to get a clear picture and understand the problems your company might be currently experiencing.

Nevertheless, technology can help you with collecting all kinds of feedback. Regular surveys could be conducted through the apps you use for communication with your employees which means you will not have to use solely paper materials or additional platforms for survey creation. Still, Google Forms might help a ton in this endeavor too.

Customer surveys can also be conducted regularly, or you could simply visit review sites which are probably the most common place for customers to write about their opinion on various companies and their products.

Your employees could also propose ideas through idea-collecting boxes that you can create online. After you get enough ideas, you could all discuss them together and brainstorm how these ideas could be used. Peer-to-peer recognition is important in such gatherings as it will make your employees feel better and encourage them to participate more.

5. Gamification Can Help

Last but not least, gamification is quickly gaining widespread acceptance. It is not only extremely effective, but it has also shown that it can be easy to implement and relatively cheap too. In other words, it is the right direction to move in if you are looking to use technology for improving employee engagement.

The concept behind gamification is fairly simple. You offer your employees rewards for the tasks they complete and try to make their jobs more like a fun experience – a game. The rewards could come in all kinds of types and forms. For example, anything from a gift card to a paid vacation to some exotic place could be seen as a reward.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, all of these tips will be helpful for business owners and employers alike. Use them accordingly to achieve better results and significantly improve employee engagement step by step with enough effort and dedication.

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