What Is The Communication Standard? International Companies Should Hold?

What Is The Communication Standard
Most biologists and sociologists now agree that the only thing that was the decisive distinguishing feature between and other humanoid animals that were competing with us for resources and space was our ability to communicate and go into win-win scenarios. This principle has held up to this date, and it even applies to the business world. Communication is one of the important keys to success, and without it, you won’t be able to retain your clients; you won’t get new clients through word of mouth and social media; even more importantly, you’ll be losing out on a lot of revenues. If you want your company to succeed and keep growing, you need to hold yourself to high standards and ensure you know the best communication guidelines.

Communication Can Make or Break Your Business

You can be hurt by sloppy or miscommunication through multiple angles, and each one can have a devastating effect on your business:

Legal Problems:

If you’re loose with your language when marketing your products or responding to your clients, you might get into legal trouble. You’ve probably heard about, if not experienced, cases of companies being sued for false advertising or inadequate customer support. What makes this more difficult, as well, is the fact that most countries have their own laws and precedents. If you’re working in diverse markets ranging from South Asia to the EU and South America, you’ll be dealing with three completely different sets of laws.

Perception problems:

How clients perceive your company and brand is extremely important. If for some reason, due to a public statement, people started perceiving your company as immoral or backward, you’d be losing out on a lot of revenue. Certainly, there is no shortage of examples of companies almost going bankrupt due to this.

Governmental problems:

The recent scandal over China’s influence over international businesses does illustrate how vulnerable your business is to governmental pressures. Sadly, not all the world’s governments are accountable and democratic, and a lot of governments can bar you from operating in their country without due process or ramification. In these countries, you need to be extra careful about how you phrase things.

You Need Experts

Now that you know the complexities involved in communication on an international level. You can probably guess that it is impossible to handle all aspects of communication yourself, and you need the help of experts. You can hire different kinds of experts to handle different aspects of your business’s communication process for you:


When your business gets to a certain size, hiring a lawyer will become inevitable - the risk you’re running when your business doesn’t have a hire well outprice the cost of a lawyer. A lawyer who is knowledgable in the laws of the countries’ you are working in will help you prepare statements that don’t get your business in trouble. They can also help prepare warranties, customer service responses, and marketing material that will limit your company’s liability.

Digital Communication Experts:

Hiring people who are familiar with the digital space will mean you won’t make any faux pas on social media, and better yet, you won’t even need to deal with the headache of managing your own social media presence. Your social media is managed by experts will free you to work on more important parts of your business - not to mention, your social media will likely be larger and bring in more revenues with an expert at the helm. You can hire social media experts from all over the world, and you’re not limited by the local talent pool - for example, you can hire CShark - an excellent web development agency. Deeply familiar with the EU and the US markets, they’ll be able to do a great job for your business.
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