9 Important Decisions In Web Application Development

Decisions In Web Application Development

Summary: "Every aspect of work is based on some important decisions and they should be checked at all times."

Web Applications and their relative development form the key to anything and everything around us. From leisure to food and from utilities to products everything across the globe is focused on providing the best in class solutions at all times. We are all accustomed to using mobile applications on a day in and out basis which forms the root of everything around us. No matter what you wish to pick for your product there must be a plan in place because if that is not in order then things will fall apart when you try to create your product. It must be noted that all solutions worldwide are filled with an action plan which when executed well has led to a moment of bliss to all.

At this point in time when a lockdown is in full flow worldwide due to the coronavirus pandemic, you should try to enhance your app so that it works in accordance with the law, as well as helps people to share or contribute to the society. The world is in dire need, and no matter which part of the world you are from, whether it is The States, The United Kingdom, Italy or India there is a sense of concern worldwide because lives have been lost and the problem has taken center stage. If you are preparing an app, you should also implement it so that people can help others.

This is for the current state, but if you are talking about in general terms there is still a lot that needs to be covered and let's understand nine of the most important things that one must do to have the perfect application by their side when they are done with web application development:

1. Pattern

The world of application development has evolved over the years with the advent of technology and the amalgamation of the internet. We all have PHP, Webforms, and ASP amongst a host of others to make this but one needs to understand whether they want to make it using model view controller or in simple terms MVC or Single Page Application (SPA) where the latter will be on the client end while the Web Application Interface will be on the server end. This is a new trend and has everyone’s attention and there are various reasons too, one of them is that it requires a single action and you can experience the entire page instantly. It is reusable too, and while this may be the benefit, the cons to it are that the initial project setup is slower.

MVC can also be opted for but there are other choices to it too which include classic ASP, classic PHP (without MVC), along with WebForms, Static Pages, and Web API.

2. API Decision Between SPA And Web

The fact that these two can be more of concern leaves only one thing at hand and that is the fact about choosing the right one which includes Node.js for JavaScript purposes, while ASP.NET Web API can be used for C# and Spring/Jersey/Apache or Restlet can be the Java platform and Python can be used using Flask or Django REST framework which will help you determine if all is well or not. The good part is that they are all open frameworks.

3. Picking The Server Side MVC

The MVC pattern received rave reviews at first, but it is the most preferred one at this time, and one cannot deny that all aspects of work will be worth the time if they make way for more solutions than concerns. It is the same for this MVC as it has made things better and smarter for all developers. They all admire the work put in place by this MVC.

4. Utilizing Single Page Application (SPA) Framework

The SPA frameworks have evolved over the years, and the most revered ones over the last decade are React, AngularJS, Angular (2+), Vue.js, Ember.js, Polymer, Aurelia, and Backbone.js. The results shown by these frameworks have been instrumental in making things worth the time at the end of the day.

5. Database

It goes without saying that every website has a database and when the situation is such you are bound to have a chunk of data by your side which includes document-oriented data and other forms of data which includes graphical representation along with a host of others. You would be aware of MySQL but that is not the only database server available because there are a host of others too that can work the work for you.

6. Deployment

Our world has evolved and from floppy to CD, DVD, and Pen-Drives to Hard Drives, we now have cloud drives to save data that can be accessed from anywhere worldwide. We have cloud deployment and on-premise deployment to a hybrid cloud solution. The world has evolved and we have so many choices to choose from, from IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS.

7. Authentication

We live in a day and age where the online sustainability of a bot is not out of the question, and to avoid that issue we have Captcha in place which authenticates a user in case of any issue. This takes over the manual solution we had previously and makes the process more streamlined. There are various personal and commercial solutions. If you pick the right option, you will have the perfect solution by your side.

8. Log In

The login procedures have changed too, and the aforementioned captcha is one aspect of it while there are a host of others too that make the cut and are equally important for smooth log in of users from the world over.

9. Payments

In the modern-day and age, we have so many online payment platforms and processes and so it becomes all the more important that we have payment processing methods that are secure and comply with PCI. The API will only be helpful if the data portability is clear and there is no firewall that protects the website from processing the payment. Safety is important at this stage.


There are some decisions that make any work great and if those decisions are missed then problems will galore which is not a good idea at all. A constructive decision to get things in order will work at all times.

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