Hiring A Freelancer To Write Your Website Content

Hiring A Freelancer To Write Your Website Content
Nowadays, businesses need to use a modern marketing strategy that will keep them connected to their target market. One of the effective strategies is to invest in freelancers that will do all the writing, social media management, blog creation, advertisements, and most importantly the Search Engine Optimization and keyword research. There are still lots of techniques to do over the web to keep all the areas of your business running as well as to make it more profitable over the years. This job might be too overwhelming if you, as an owner, will be the only one to do it. So it is a good decision that you would hire freelance writers to do all of these for you.

If you are not still convinced, one reason to hire a website content writer is that making good quality writing is difficult. Having a good website content can help you to boost your page ranking through SEO. It can also help you to bring more ideas to creating a useful sales copy to increase your sales. Aside from writing, part of the online marketing strategy is to do SEO, link building, and keyword research. But the question is, can you do all of these alone at the same time with writing? Are you certain that you can do all of these effectively? That’s why you really need to consider hiring a skilled writer.

Here are the 4 things to look at when selecting a content writer:

1. Experience Level

One of the factors that you should look at in choosing the perfect writer is to generate a particular job description. In this way, you can sort the applicants with the same interest that you are looking for the job. Not all writers can create effective content in all types of categories. Some can write about business and industry, yet they have only insufficient ideas about human rights and technological advancements. By this particular job description, people with the relevant experience will apply. As an employer, you can evaluate the level of their experience by asking for their former client reference, and ask for a copy of the database of essays that he completed which are similar in nature. Take note that a skillful writer most likely asks thorough questions about your goals and wants upon completing the job. In any case that they haven’t asked any questions, consider it as an advanced warning.

2. Cost Of Service

We all know that cost is an essential factor in any business. Be aware that you should pay more on a more skillful website content writer. It is without a doubt that you need to invest much more in high-quality writing that can turn your readers into clients rather than in paying much lesser but no significant impact on the business. You should also consider checking the applicant’s stand out the portfolio to see if their asking rate is worth to pay. Most likely, the average rate of a skillful writer is $65 to $100 per hour. But still, it is based on your needs and budget. You can choose for low-cost freelance writers but keep in mind that they can produce low-quality content. Well, you get what you pay for.

3. Deadlines

Time management is an essential factor in every business. Upon looking for the perfect writer you want for the job, you should be able to let them know that you have strict deadlines. That there should be someone who can submit high-quality content the next day or that there is someone who can work for weekends. When constructing the job description, you should be able to indicate the deadlines that they should meet. Upon the job interview, communicate it to the applicant and set a schedule that suits both of you.

4. Portfolio

When checking the portfolio of the applicant, you should check what his writing style is and if they are doing a lot of research in completing a specific project. If you are about to post the writing content on your business website, think if your target audience will notice that the content becomes less interesting. You better make sure that the content to be published on your business website should be effective and will catch the interest of your target audience.
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