Intranet In The Modern Era

Intranet In The Modern Era
Do you know where the IT industry is approaching nowadays?

Well, here’s the answer!

The intranet is dominating the Information technology infrastructure nowadays, and there are several types of research conducted that prove the competitive advantage of the intranet in the modern Era.

One such research was also conducted by the International data corporation that proved that the intranet provides better information sharing capability and instant access to the exclusive ease of sharing information in real-time.
But the question that comes up in everyone's mind is that if the intranet is still relevant or not. Well, there are both positive and negative aspects of this question. Moreover, if you are wondering what a modern intranet looks like, then you can have a glance at the technology such as Alexa, which is the contemporary form of the intranet.

Are The Intranets Relevant In Today’s Time?

Intranets came into existence since 1994, and it got the exposure just when the web started gaining popularity in the commercial world. The only motive of an intranet was to keep the employees updated with the latest news about the organization like changes in management. It provides easy access to the information and allows the employees to work on projects together with their colleagues.

But, with such a growing rate of technology, are these features even useful today? Well, yes, but actually no. It is still helpful, but it needs to be updated with the modern world.

The Upcoming Generation Of The Intranet

To bypass these restrictions, the intranet of the modern Era requires being wholly updated and unified. Moreover, it also needs to make the access of users secure to the resources to data and systems.

With modern intranet, modern organizations have benefited a lot. They got the privilege of getting their productivity boosted and saved a lot of money as well. However, access to the data as well as the resources is just a small piece of the solution.

The internet of the modern Era needs to enable the user to consume information easily too.

But, there are some technologies that prove the intranet of the modern Era exists and demonstrates that it is beneficial as well. Let us have a look at those technologies:

1. API’s

API or application programming interfaces are used for making communication between the components of two different apps or software. A wide range of companies uses this for integrating their apps all over the intranet. This makes the process of task performing and information gathering easy, as well.

2. AI

Artificial intelligence is the best example of the efficiency of the intranet. An AI, along with an intranet, can make it a lot easier to connect enterprise apps like SharePoint and SAP. This also provides much more robust and reliable tools for searching and decreases the complexity of the information gathering process as well.

3. Cards

This is a new kind of user interface and is getting high popularity these days. If you are wondering what it is, then you will be fascinated to know that you've already used it. How? If you've used applications like Google assistant, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc. then you have previously interacted with one.

Let us know what a card is…

It is a bite-sized piece of information they take action on the basis of the relevancy of your operation. They are the perfect bill for smartphones and desktop computers since they are highly portable. They can fetch content from numerous apps and sources. The cards can be filtered as per the preferences, or you can also leave it up to the algorithms.


It is indeed a fact that the traditional intranet was nothing more than static. There was no new information and just static information with links. It was not very compelling for a user at that time. Moreover, they were also lacking the efficiency of surfacing the useful piece of information out of the slew.

But, if we come to the answer to the main question, the internet of the modern Era is undoubtedly useful and has gone through several advancements before being what it is today. That's all we have for today.

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