How Can Health Kit And Google Fit Help To Develop A Fitness App

Google Fit Help To Develop A Fitness App
With the advent of new healthcare apps, the healthcare industry is shaping itself and finding new ways to evolve. Healthcare providers, with the help of programmers and software developers, make sincere efforts to deliver the best solutions to patients. But, it isn’t only limited to the healthcare providers only, and you can also come up with a unique idea of developing a healthcare app. And to achieve that, you just have to use some examples provided by Apple and Google.

Why Should You Opt For Google Fit And HealthKit?

As we all know, these are the industry leaders in developing modern technology, they present some of the best solutions with their innovative apps, especially in the healthcare niche. And here is why such an approach is suitable for both the developers as well as users.

HealthKit & Google Fit For Developers And Users

Despite both these platforms have a similar formatting structure and standard storage, they also let users share and exchange health apps and data between many devices too.

One of the major pitfalls of the healthcare apps has been that they don’t let the users share or exchange essential data. To be honest, this posed a great deal of hassle for the developers who make sincere efforts and work hard to fix the bugs. In other words, a doctor can’t have access to the patient's data unless he/she has to develop a separate application so as to facilitate it.

In case you deal with the production of healthcare tracking devices, then you have to integrate Bluetooth Smart standards with both these platforms. And if you want to save your data to Google Fit, then it needs to have another app that is fully supported by Android devices.

But everything is much simpler and different when it comes to Health Kit because there is no need to adopt Bluetooth Smart standards. As the iOS platform has already been an integrated tool that fully supports other healthcare tracking devices. In addition to this, it may also include other conditions such as the temperature of the body temperature and blood pressure. In simple words, you will be able to use any iOS app in order to keep in touch with information related to healthcare in HealthKit.

As for the users, they can get benefitted from the precise image of their health condition. Both Google Fit and HealthKit offer a full set of necessary health data, and users are always allowed to switch between them without any risk of losing any critical data during transmission.

Differences In Designs Between Google Fit And HealthKit?

Google Fit

When it comes to usability, Google Fit has some disadvantages in spite of having a user-friendly design. The constant need for swiping the screen so as to reveal extra data or access a section is the main drawback of Google Fit. Furthermore, all the set data/information is very well structured that lets the users instead focus on other important parameters that include- miles and calories.

Moreover, if you don't have the convenience of using your phone while working out, then Google Fit offers the right solution. You will be able to make free records along with the preferable exercises. This app will automatically track the number of steps you have made and also indicate the information delivered to the platform. Moreover, you will also be able to access any data either by a mobile or from their official website of Google Fit.


As far as this platform is concerned, it features a complex structure if compared to other applications that are developed for iOS devices. However, it still possesses some major advantages by letting you compare your healthcare information without the need for various active screens.

Moreover, you are free to choose a particular data on a single screen and can also select the information retrieved within a certain period of time. The platform provides information on all possible apps as well as devices that can be further integrated. You can also choose any device that can have access to your healthcare data.

What Are The Types Of Fitness Data

Both Google Fit and HealthKit can be utilized to store important healthcare information. To know this, we will be dividing the data into two main groups such as-

Data From Fitness Apps

The HealthKit and Google Fit can record parameters from fitness apps, and the data generally includes-
  • Sleep Tracking & Heart Rate System
  • Physical Activities or Favorite Kinds of Sports
  • Weight and Height History
  • Different Body Measurements & Parameters

Data From Medical Apps

Both of these systems are able to record healthcare information from the medical apps but in a much different way. One of the issues is that Google Fit does not allow data sharing between different apps. Moreover, it also makes the system inefficient in some way, especially when it comes to medical applications.

Whereas, HealthKit is more oriented towards medical applications that make room for easy access to patient data by the doctors. The best part of this platform is that you don’t even need to step outside your comfort zone to provide information to the doctors. The data can include the following-
  • Pulse, Blood pressure, and Temperature
  • Treatment courses and medications, dosages and prescriptions
  • Tracking data during sleep
  • Lab procedures and statistics

In order to defend sensitive personal data from any 3rd parties, both Google Fit and HealthKit feature the most efficient security from other fraudulent activities.

Then Bottom Line

Besides there obvious shortcomings and considerable benefits in certain areas, it is hard to determine a sure-shot winner between the two of them. It is without any doubt whatsoever that HealthKit is more inclined towards making the life of patients as easy as possible, whereas Google Fit has proved more like a fitness tracker providing all fitness information with less limited access.

These applications go hand in hand with and certainly so because they are meant to be that way. Both of these are now a fitness hub in themselves and are more fitness oriented. This lets the user to share important information with the help of different devices. If you also want to make your own healthcare app, then you will simply need to remove these drawbacks.

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