Best 9 Tips For New iPad Users

Best 9 Tips For New iPad Users
iPad is one of the most amazing Apple product that you can buy. One can even perform complex task like web development on this device. This had made iPad web development becoming a popular trend. But if you don’t know how to use it properly then you can’t get the maximum user satisfaction from the product. This is especially the case if you are a new iPad user.

However, there is nothing to worry as we bring to you the best 9 tips that can help you get the maximum user experience from the iPad.

Learn The Gestures

So, the new iPad is out with no home button and is completely gesture-based. If you are not familiar with the iPad’s gestures then it might get a little difficult for you to navigate through your iPad’s. So the very first thing you might want to do after buying your new iPad’s is to learn all the gestures available. The gestures are a lot similar to how they are on the iPhone. And of the basic gesture commands are list below-
  • Swipe down from the top right to open the control centre.
  • Swipe down from the top middle or left or anywhere else then you can see your notification centre.
  • If you swipe up from the bottom and hold then you can reach your multitasking area which shows all the application tabs you have opened in your tab. Also can scroll left and right to see all the tabs.
  • Multitasking area can also be opened by using four-finger gesture, just pinch all your fingers together. This can also be done while using an application.
  • Hold and drop any application in the right or left of the opened application to divide your screen for using both applications at the same time.

Set Up Face ID

You can configure your face id in the setting to make your ios more user-friendly and easy to unlock. You can simply do it by going to the setting then go the face ID and Passcode and set up your face id.

Customise Your Display Settings

So, if you go to the display and brightness setting then you can enable and disable a lot of display settings according to your convenience. Its really easy to locate and configure the basic display settings like brightness, true tone, auto-lock, text size and others.

Apple Pencil 2

This one of the coolest feature you can use with your iPad. It is really easy to use and all you need to do it connect it to your iPad and start using. Apple Pencil can be a really useful tool when used with application like notes for drawing, writing and other stuff. You can also change your pencil settings like changing it from pencil to eraser, etc.

Install Basic Application

Well, you didn’t restore your device from a previous one you would have to install different applications such as social media application, your Netflix, youtube, etc. All these applications can be installed directly from the apple store.

Organize Your Docs

Docs is the lowermost panel you see on your iPad. This is where all of your important applications resides or the applications you use most often. The applications to the left of the doc can be arranged, but the applications to the right are the ones that are most recently used. Well, you can disable this feature if you don’t prefer to use it.

Battery Insights

You need to get familiar with the battery and the screen time charts inside of settings. So go to the settings and go to the battery where a detailed breakdown of your battery usage is given including which applications are consuming most of your batteries.

Configure Notifications

Go your notifications settings and configure the settings so that you don’t get barraged with notifications from left and right from every single application. So you can set which applications have the permission to send notifications. For instance, you would want gaming applications to send you notifications, on the contrary, news applications or social media applications must be able to send notifications.

Customise The Control Centre

You have different toggles in the control centre and you can also use 3D touch on these toggles buttons to get more options. However, you can just go the settings for the control centre where you can find an option to customise it. There you can add new toggles buttons or remove the previous one and many other options.

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