Grammarly Keyboard For Android And iOS

Grammarly Keyboard For Android And iOS
At some point, if not every day, we have used Grammarly in our writing career, and we know how powerful the tool is checking and correcting spelling and grammatical errors. For a long time, it was used on desktops since it was assumed that a lot of writing took place at our offices. Came the smartphone era and everything now is all about mobile apps. Almost every internet service has been integrated with our phones for easier access to these services. And so gradually, Grammarly followed suit. Yes, the Grammarly Keyboard app is now available on both iOS and Android operating systems, and you can now type your text messages and emails with confidence without fear making spelling and grammatical errors. This article will highlight the several features that the Grammarly Keyboard app has to offer. Read on for exclusive details on how you can use this great spell checker on your smartphone.

Grammarly Keyboard is a mobile app editor that is accessed with your mobile browser integrates flawlessly with all the other mobile apps. This is a compelling app that corrects your spelling mistakes as you type your email messages, text messages, or even when making short notes on your mobile apps. Since it integrates with all your mobile apps, it also integrates with your Facebook app, and you can post all your comments and updates with confidence to the world. This helps you to polish your grammar while addressing your friends with fluent English.

What Can You Do With Grammarly Keyboard?

For the free version, Grammarly Keyboard will ensure that your texts are clear, error-free, and effective. The Premium version of this allows the users to improve their vocabulary by offering proper suggestions. Suggestions are displayed along the top of the keyboard, and the changes are applied by tapping what is suggested. To understand why Grammarly gave a particular opinion, a user will have to open the correction to see the explanation. The app also allows you to specify whether you want to use American or British English while checking your writing. Another great feature of Grammarly Keyboard is how it allows you to add words to your dictionary so that it doesn’t flag those words as misspelled every time you use them.

Why A Mobile Keyboard?

We are living in a mobile-device era, and everyone is using it to access the internet fast and conveniently. Compared to desktops, the majority of people use their mobile devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones to access information. This means that they use keyboards to type in the search box to find websites or even compose emails,, and therefore spelling and grammar have to be on point. The tool is designed to edit your texts as you are writing and there is no need to write and copy-paste it later for editing. Editing is done on the go, and you put your last full stop; you are guaranteed that your work is polished in both spelling and grammar.

Where To Get It?

For those using the Android device, they can head over to the Google Play Store and easily download the keyboard. iOS users will have to download from the App Store. They can then open the Grammarly Keyboard, and they will be guided on how to set the Keyboard. Grammarly has got you covered in these two popular platforms. If you are worried about your privacy, you shouldn’t since they put measures in place to cater to that by encrypting. So if you are handling sensitive information like that of your credit card, everything is protected and secured.

Grammarly doesn’t come without shortcomings. The tool needs a few improvements to retain some of its loyal clients. Since most mobile phone users have already chosen this keyboard as their favorite and shifting to other keyboards is a problem, they need to look into several ways on how to improve on user experience. One of them is including a keyboard extension. Although this may call for the company changing code, the risk will be worth it. An extension will help the other keyboards that offer numerous options to personalize the keyboard feel and looks. The combination of stunning looks and this tool is known for correcting typos is the best thing for anyone. If Grammarly is not comfortable in making this change, here are a few features that may do them a lot of good.
  • Swiping features – This is one feature that users don’t need as most of the time, it tends to be destructive when typing, and many users have complained about it. If Grammarly Keyboard is serious about retaining its loyal users, this is one feature they need to get rid of because it is not worth it.
  • Clipboard — I don’t know why they haven’t thought about a clipboard in this tool, but this is a nice feature that can get them thousands of users. A clipboard adds a lot of agility to the tool and also make it easy for users to edit their writings.
  • Draft — To make this tool even better by supporting the clipboard, Grammarly should think of adding a draft for users to write text and save it to review it at any time later. This is not a common feature among keyboards, but it’s a good idea to incorporate it if they want to capture more users. If you are with me here, please put your hand up! Yes, just as I thought.
  • Font of preference — Why are they offering one font? In a world full of options, changing fonts to what users prefer is a good thing. Having just one default font is so boring, and not everyone likes having the same look all the time.


Grammarly Keyboard is an excellent tool for those who are looking for a quick way to edit their writings as they are typing. It provides a lot of convenience to those who are using their mobile devices to access the internet. However, they could use some improvements to make the tool appealing to more users since many have already accepted it as their favorite online grammar checker.

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