6 Benefits Of A CRM to Freelancer Copywriters

Benefits Of A CRM to Freelancer Copywriters
As a freelance copywriter, your clients are closest to your heart. They are the primary reason for the existence of the services you provide. They are like your employer – who trust you with their projects – which you execute with the utmost skill, with the hope of earning an income.

However, it is a natural human defect that we tend to get distracted. As your freelance business grows, it gets harder juggling pitching, responding and submitting reports to clients more than one. The numerous emails become a distraction which may lead to other projects neglected and others consuming a lot of time.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a tool that can help you manage all aspects of your clients and their entire life cycle concerning your business. It is an essential tool for your freelance engagements and here is why.

1. Client Relationships

With CRM, the response rate to client requests, queries, and feedback is highly increased and enhanced. A fast-responsive rate to a client could mean a lot of things. It makes the client feel that they are cared for and therefore cultivates a better relationship between the client and you.

It happens that when we are busy, we tend to leave other things hanging at the expense of the other. The CRM will help you avoid awkward sessions of recollecting what you were discussing with a client since before you left them hanging. The CRM will help you curb this, therefore, establishing a good relationship with your client.

2. Automate Everyday Tasks

In the freelance world, there are a lot of ancillary chores. There is pitching, responding to feedback, reviewing of projects, filling of forms and many other small processes that are paramount to excellence and client satisfaction.

Keeping track of all these can be cumbersome to a freelance copywriter. The CRM, therefore, comes in handy by taking care of the details, and automate some of the everyday tasks which let you focus on the significant roles of closing deals.

3. Analytical Data And Reporting

To err is human. In the course of presenting data and reporting, miscalculation of data may occur. Any kind of miscalculation is catastrophic to a business, regardless of how small it may be.

A CRM system would help by sorting all the data in one place; therefore, ease the process of analyzing the data. Integrated with plugins, you can generate automatic reports to respond to your clients. It can help you personalize your dashboard into managing client reports, sales reports, and client performance. With more efficient data and reporting, you can maximize your time on other projects.

4. Optimized Marketing

With the help of CRM in grouping your clients, you can use the data to optimize your marketing. You will realize that you have a different set of clients, with different preferences and tastes.

Knowing their demography and preferences, it is easier targeting them in your marketing. You will be able to identify a specific time to promote your product. It will give you an upper hand and a chance of increasing revenue.

5. Efficiency

An essential reason why a freelance copywriter should use a CRM is to increase efficiency between them and their clients. The life schedule of a freelance copywriter can be very hectic, with clients sending emails and other clients waiting for responses to their projects.

As such, efficiency can be compromised in the quest to beat deadlines and deliver. Therefore, every freelance copywriter needs a CRM to help them with management, reminders on pending activities, and keeping track of all client’s information and requests. A CRM system ensures smooth communication and deliverance of services.

When asked about her experience with CRM, Marie Fincher, a writer at IsAccurate and editor at WritingJudge, notes, ‘’CRM is like the childhood best friend. It is there with you, reminds you of the small details you forget and offers no excuses for incompetence. Its sole mission is to make you happy, and most importantly, stand with you in the hard times.”

6. Customer Retention

Integrating the use of CRM in your freelance business will improve your customer retention rates. An increase in customer retention rates would lead to a further increase in revenue.

According to Harvard Business Review, a 5% decrease in customer defection rate can lead to a profit increase of 25%-85%. This is among the greatest benefits in using a CRM, enough reason every freelance copywriter should have it.

In conclusion, CRM is a useful tool that should be employed in any business where efficiency is the fuel that drives the business. Freelance copywriters should learn how it works as it makes work easier, and leaves your clients happy.

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