Confused About Android vs. iOS Development? Here's A Key Analysis

Confused About Android vs. iOS Development
If you are wondering where to start with coding in this year here is a guide to light up the path. If you wake up every day with the question, should I build iOS apps or opt for the Android way? Well, here is something to help make that decision easier for you.

Before we start, please note that there are a lot of pros and cons when it comes developing for Android or iOS but if you are a fan of building iOS apps or if you are passionate about learning about Android development then I am going to end this debate for you here.

You should just do what you like to work on because at the end of the day it all boils down to passion.

But this blog rather is more about the market game involved when it comes to building iOS apps or Android, either as your own enterprise, or working in an SAAS organization or doing it freelance. So, if you want to choose between the two you would want to keep reading:

iOS vs. Android Development

Here is the thing if you look at the numbers, iOS development and Android development roughly pay about the same amount but it’s a little bit more complicated than that.

When building iOS apps, developers tend to get paid a little bit more and the reason for that is the scarcity of iOS developers in the market and I think this is the key to understanding the entire argument.

At the same time though there are a lot more Android gigs out there, so if one looks at the volume that is the total amount being invested on iOS development and the total amount being spent on Android development, Android takes the cake.

Now, let’s dive a little deeper and take a gander on the biggest pros with developing for Android and iOS.

Advantages In Android Development

Some of the biggest pros when it comes to development for Android are:


In Android development one gets to use languages that are pretty much universal, with the most popular langue being Java and Kotlin. If we talk just about Java, this language being universal means that if you are working for a startup or a company that goes under, you can find a job in Java somewhere else.

Java is used from everything being it Android development to medical equipment to construction equipment, there is a ton of use for Java. If you lose your job then you will be able to find another job easily without the hassle of retraining the already possessed skill set.

This is the biggest pro when it comes to Android development, this is clearly evident as a lot of computer science degrees also teach Java because it is so widely used it’s not going to go away anytime soon.

In fact, there are legacy systems out there use C++ and C just because the organizations that use them have never bothered to update their software.

Job Stability

Not only Android is used for mobile such as the phone or the watch but there is a lot of other devices that use Android out there and they all need Android developers. So, if you want to opt for the Android way then there is a lot of work for you out there.

As there is so much demands, chances are that there are a lots of entry level jobs for Android and if lose a gig you will be able to find another quite easily.

Advantages In iOS Development

Here are some of the biggest pros for iOS development:

Less Developers

As we have touched upon the scarcity when it comes to the iOS development talent pool available, this can present one of the biggest pros if you look at it the right way.

Once, you develop the right iOS development skillset it has been observed that organizations and other development sources tend to hang on to their iOS developers more as compared to an Android developer.

The reason for this is that once these organizations have the right iOS developer with them they know iOS developers are hard to find, so they stick with what they have. Due to this reason iOS developers are always in a better position on the negotiation table.

The same principle applies for free-lance jobs as well. But in fact has double the impact because there is a lot of security risk involved when developers build iOS apps the free-lance way. Once trust is gained iOS development guarantees repeat or long term supplier relationships.

Wondering About Difficulty

If you want to learn Android or iOS one thing you will have to understand is that they are pretty much the same. You take about the same amount of time to master the both of them and they possess the same amount of difficulty level.

Sure, there are a few things that are harder to do in one platform when compared to the other but the fact remains that if you want to become a good Android developer or build iOS apps instead, basically you need to understand that with Android there comes a lot of extended learning but with Apple it’s all different but integrated effectively.

The iOS Ecosystem

In order to understand more about iOS development we need to take a look at the iOS ecosystem. It doesn’t matter if you’re running an informative digital marketing blog, an online retail store, or an established venture, iOS apps can be found in all the professional corporate domains for you to compete.

If a company wants to build iOS apps, which is generally where a lot of iOS development is done today they need to have competent skill set on their hands. If a company want to make money with iOS then chances are iOS is a good bet because iOS users are always paying a bit more.

If you are looking to get more app installs when you build iOS app development companies then you have to really understand the fact that it is going to cost more money per user and the thing about iOS development is that the cost per user is slightly higher as compared to Android but the user is more likely to pay.

Availability of Junior Positions

The other thing about iOS development is because there is less supply then there are a lot of junior positions open and since there are a lot of junior positions open there is a lot chance you can get an entry and take your development path forward from there.

Significant Updates

Another thing about the iOS ecosystem is that it updates quite a bit and one of the things that a lot of companies want to do is use the maximum amount of technology in their iOS app and that presents a great opportunity for you the developer to learn things as quickly as possible.

Every year iOS updates in a fairly significant way, the biggest example is the release of Swift 2 programming language which was a significant upgrade from its predecessor. This way Apple presents the developer a chance to learn new things and in turn have a good grip on how things work in iOS development.


Swift when it first came out the different between Swift1 and Swift2 was very dramatic but nowadays the language is a lot more stable and the user doesn’t have to learn as many new techniques as it was required in the past.

However, there is still a growth aspect attached when it comes to working with Swift as Apple is constantly coming out with a newer technology and as a developer you have to learn that technology.

The Problem with Android Development

Cheap Development

One of the negatives with Android is that because there are so many developers chances are that there is a developer somewhere in the world that can do a job and with more people working from home these days employers can find the cheapest price for the cheapest developer out there.

This means that if you are in a high wage country then perhaps you might end up being outsourced to a lower waged area. With the intense competition one really needs to be up on their Android game to earn and find more prosperous prospects in the market.

The Problem with iOS Development

Setup Cost

The biggest con with iOS development is that the prevalent Swift language can only be used mostly within the iOS or MacOS ecosystem. Because of the setting up cost it gets very difficult to justify the cost if the demand for iOS drops in the market.

Final Verdict

Learning development on either of the platforms takes the same amount of time but I think iOS slightly takes it from Android when it comes to the profit earned by development of iOS.

Entry in the Android industry is fairly easy but on the other hand there is a lot of competition amongst developers with the rather the same amount of skill.

iOS might be used by a smaller percentage of audience when compared to Android but the return on investment and the per hour cost of development is higher than those for Android development.

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