6 Actionable Real Estate SEO Hacks for Real Estate Agents

Real Estate SEO Hacks for Real Estate Agents
We live in a world full of electronics and machines capable of doing tasks that none of us could have imagined a few decades ago. Fast Computing machines or computers have changed everything around us form we work on a daily basis, we view the world, connectivity, traditional food market, real estate, etc.

Now although computers have indeed provided us with the power to quickly perform certain tasks and calculations. For instance, we don't have to wait for months to contact someone who is far away from us or we don't need to hire special programmers that could send and receive messages for us like in the early days. As of today, a normal computer be it your PC, laptop, or your mobile phone has enough 100 times more computing capability than the computers NASA used to send human beings to the moon. Anyone can perform calculations of billion digits long numbers through their mobile phone. Now, this fast pace of computing has some effects on different markets as well. For instance, the real estate market changes quickly as compared to the times without computers. This has even given rise to its separate market consisting of several Real estate companies, real estate agents. The cache is that all of them have a strong online presence for better reach. Well if you are also a real estate agent who is unable to find new leads through their website then we recommend you Looking for Real Estate SEO Services. SEO is important for real estate agents who need to generate new leads.

If you are unfamiliar with SEO or Search engine optimization then consider it a natural/unpaid or organic way of generating leads. So when you are thinking about real estate marketing and trying to decipher the secret behind those successful real estate agents, do consider SEO.

While it might be true that SEO has taken a bit of time to show effect and some of the marketers would suggest you to simply advertise your real estate business instead of wasting money on SEO. However, what they are missing is the fact that unlike a paid advertisement, SEO is completely based on your back links, loyal customer base, etc and the best thing about this is that even if you stop paid advertisement, the leads you generated through SEO will still be intact. So, if you also want to start building up your SEO for a real estate website then here are the best 6 actionable real estate SEO hacks for real estate agents looking to get more leads.


Now let's just get started by addressing the elephant in the room. The keyword plays a major in search engine optimization. You can consider keywords as the basic building block for search engine optimization. Keywords are a great way of targeting specific areas related to real estate. They help you focus on a range of google search engine queries and be at the top of the search engine result page. This is especially important if you are starting new, as the internet is already crowded with a lot of real estates related websites and it might not be possible to beat these other individual agents or companies in terms of SERP result as they completely dominate the internet in this area and they also have better SEO than you. So, we would recommend targeting areas where these top websites are lacking through keywords.

Next, we would like you to focus on these 3 types of web pages -
  • Listing pages, 
  • Building or neighborhood pages,
  • Blog/resources.

Listing Pages

These are most probably the most misunderstood and misused pages when it comes to real estate websites in SEO. So when it comes to SEO we want everything on your website to be unique and something that adds value to your website. However, the problem with these pages is that they are dynamically generated, which tends to create duplicate content around the web. So what you want to do is block your MLS listing pages to prevent your search engine from crawling these categories of pages. This way Google won't index them which is the perfect solution to this listing page problem.

Neighborhood Pages

Like we said we don't want the search engine to crawl the pages that are repeated on your website as it generally lowers your website ranking, also the solution to this problem is blocking these pages so that Google cannot crawl them. However, these pages are important for internal search and do exist on your website. These pages are referred to as neighborhood pages or MLS pages. So make sure that you carefully first understand the difference between the SEO external search which is what your search engine does and then the SEO internal search which is what users want. So, the best practice here is to block the MLS or neighborhood pages and get users to your website through your unique pages so that your SEO is not affected by blocking these MLS pages on your website.

Blog/Resource Pages

These are going to be the top of the funnel as these are the pages that drive traffic towards your websites. Keep in mind these pages are really important and must never be blocked or categorized as MLS pages. It is also a good idea to link these pages to the navigation bar as your users are on your website for the information and it must be easily accessible to them. So, make sure that you have good content on your website which is not just unique but well categorized or managed.

Keyword Percentage

Like we said keywords are the king of this jungle. But that does not mean that your juggle is going to be healthy if there are going to be a lot of kings in the jungle. Remember, a lot of kings always lead to problems. So, you need to be careful about the percentage of keywords you include in your content on your website as Google will start docking you or maybe block your pages if the percentage is too high. A healthy ration would be to maintain a ratio of around 1 to 2 percent and also go through google regulations regarding keywords carefully.

Address Schema

Local Address schema is a good way of getting yourself verified on Google. Adding a local address makes help Google know where your business is located and it also confirms your legitimacy.

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