How to Use Brand Colors In A Video?

Brand Colors In A Video
Creating a brand image is crucial when it comes to the long-term growth of your business. From the brand logo, you choose to the brand name, every detail counts. One other detail that is often ignored is the color scheme. You should aim at creating a strong color palette based on the personality of your brand. Making videos is easy today as you can easily find several free YouTube video creator tools and video editing software options. What matters is how much you consistently maintain the color schemes in your videos.

Why Should You Worry About Colors In Videos?

Consistency in your color schemes across various brand elements and marketing campaigns help create a visual impression that works well with potential leads and new customers alike.

Even customers who do not remember your brand name initially might relate with the colors provided you use them wisely. Finding the same palette in multiple channels makes it easier for the customers to recognize your brand. When there is a uniformity in the colors used in your website and the content you post on social media, you can work on strengthening your social media presence.

How To Choose Colors For Your Brand?

Color psychology is a field that intrigues various marketers. Different colors have different effects on people’s moods.

The type of colors you choose should reflect your brand’s personality. Plain colors might not enthrall the young audience. If your brand focuses on elite customers, too many bold or gaudy colors should not be part of your brand’s videos.

You can use complementary colors that are known to look good in combination with one another. This is when you pick colors from the opposite spectrum on a color wheel.

Monochrome palettes are the easiest to work with. This is where you choose a single hue and then pick multiple tints.
Your colors should be in sync with the kind of products and services your brand offers. For a brand selling mattresses or other types of sleep and relaxation related products, vibrant and stimulating colors like red might not be the right choice.

Study the color wheel to understand better the relationship between different colors and their shades. Some subtle palettes are suitable for the colorblind audience. For eyewear brands and other such categories focusing on such diverse groups of the audience is essential, you can pick muted palettes that all your audience can differentiate.

How Can You Incorporate Your Color Palette In Your Videos?

The type of video editing tool you use determines the procedure for adding the color schemes in your videos.

Create The Color Palette

You should know about the various elements in a video when you are trying to freeze a color palette. This would include the combination of the colors you use for each element. Background, fonts, and accents are among the elements to study. You should be able to visualize how a particular font color would look in the chosen background color. Individually these might be wonderful colors having a positive impact on the onlooker. But when used together, they should look captivating. Only when the font color is visibly contrasting from the background would the text make an impact. To know how each color would work with the other, you should put together a color palette of foreground color, one or more background colors, and accent colors. The actual number of colors you choose depends on the video editing app you make use of.

Brand-Specific Vs. Project-Specific Guidelines

This color palette you pick can be uniform for the brand or a particular project. Some brands have diverse product lines. They might focus on niche colors for each product line or category. So, when a new category is launched in the market, sticking with the same color scheme across various campaigns helps in creating interest in the latest release. This is where you would find color wheel based color selection to be useful. A brand that predominantly uses pastel color palettes can show the difference when there is an innovative new lineup being introduced by going for the darker shades.

Customize Templates

When you are working with video editors both online and offline, you can easily tailor the templates readily available to suit your needs. When you have a color palette ready in your hand, customizing the template to fit your marketing campaigns becomes so much easier. You would be able to work with your marketing team by simply giving them your color palette so that they can align the campaign themes uniformly. With the colors ready, you can simply add the images, select the colors in the template, add desired text, and apply the effects to generate your video in seconds.

When You Create Videos from Scratch

When you are creating videos from scratch, you have the option to pick colors for each element individually. Check the themes page for more information on the colors you can set initially. The primary color would be the font color or foreground colors. This can be chosen along with the font styles and size as well. You would also be able to add other effects like shadows or borders on the fonts. Choose borders in the same color as the font and for shadows choose lighter shades of the chosen font color. Complement these colors with the right transitions or effects, and you have a great video.


One main aspect when it comes to selecting color palettes is to identify the colors used by competitors or even the bigger brands in your industry. Remember how strong the influence of colors can be on the audience. So, the key is to stand out and not remind your audience of your competitors. Focusing on brand colors and themes for videos is very important now that there are various channels utilized for marketing. It creates a sense of familiarity for the audience when they come across various ads and videos on social media.
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