10 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your SEO Strategies

Mistakes That Will Ruin Your SEO Strategies
Websites and business owners apply different methods for their search methods. It could be paid, and the other, which accounts for more, is organic search. According to Forbes, it is estimated that organic searches account for around 64% of all of your website visits.

Therefore, businesses and companies need to realize the importance of SEO and learn to master it. Learning and mastering the SEO isn't a piece of cake; it is challenging as the process is continuously updating and changing.

Staying updated with SEO Marketing Trends in 2020 is the ultimate business discipline in the age of digitalism. Undoubtedly, every business wants to drive traffic to their website and generate more leads. To avoid blunders, one must need to keep up with the ever-changing dynamics of search engines.

10 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your SEO Strategies

Learning how to develop an SEO strategy for your business is crucial. A lot of times, businesses and companies follow the wrong trends, adopt specific policies, and do some acts that compromise productivity. But, they being unaware adopt practices that they regret later.

I have brought the ten most common mistakes that businesses often commit and ruin their SEO strategies. Learn and take your scale-up.

1. Avoid Duplicate Content:

Duplicate content is when the same content on your site appears on other web pages. The search engines are not designed to index the content, so it is the part of SEO to know and take measures that the content you publish is free from copied content.

Often it happens when website duplicates the home pages without knowing that content will get duplicated. If you have duplicated home pages and content, there is a probable chance that you are not showing the proper search results to the engines and instead of showing two results for the same or similar search, which affects the site's rating on Google.

Create a new hooking and compelling content for your website, which attracts more traffic and boosts your digital business.

2. Padding Excessive Keywords:

Padding excessive keywords were healthy and brought positive results a few years ago. Inserting as many keywords did get the content noticed and boost the rankings in the current digital world. As the modern digital world and search engines improvised rapidly, the fact mentioned above is far from reality.

Engines are improved so as their algorithms, and now it is easy for search engines to spot the keywords once. If you pad more keywords, it will only harm your rankings as your content appears in the unnatural search, and people don't find it relevant and helpful.

With Google advancement, Latent Semantic Indexing is the tool that identifies and indexes similar keywords and spots it. It also put the search in the list where it is found continually by repeating the keywords, and the rankings will get affected.

3. Forgetting About Title Tags & Meta Descriptions:

Mistakes That Will Ruin Your SEO Strategies
Content management and optimization are not just about adding keywords in your content. I have seen several websites with the same website title in the home, which is wrong. If you are also a part of this and doing it unknowingly, you are compromising significantly. Try to add title tags and Meta descriptions that are SEO friendly and help your SEO strategies.

For better results, it is vital to add Meta descriptions and title tags, as search engines always keep the search results in priority that has enriched this strategy, and your website gets more crawling.

Websites that use title tags and Meta descriptions may have noticed that content performance improves with this crucial feature.

4. Forgetting To Focus On Link Quality:

There are hundreds of ways to get high volume links. Always place a higher emphasis on quality over quantity. I have seen websites using several low-quality directory links that bear no fruit to the search engine. Remember that for search engines, one useful link from a popular blog can bring in more traffic than inserting hundreds of useless low-quality links.

5. Using Old Backlinks:

Small businesses have been under my intense observation for long, and I have noticed that they believe in buying backlinks. Google never likes when websites buy links from the flagged sites and paste it to their content.

In today's world, you need to earn links. Links play a significant part as they bring traffic to your site, so focus on inserting high-quality links only.

6. Lacking In Following The SEO Trends:

Mistakes That Will Ruin Your SEO Strategies
Several businesses stick to the SEO marketing strategies that were part of their strategy a year ago. You must have heard that SEO is an ever-changing field. So, updating every single aspect of your SEO strategy will be your key to success. Make sure that your website is searched through every channel online.

If you lack in following SEO trends, then you should assume that you wouldn't be productive.

7. Ignoring Website Structure:

The website structure is the way the website is laid out. It frequently happens that SEO and Web developing teams forget the website structure they are working on when building the website.

Try to build links that redirect to your homepage, as home pages have the most authority because it has the most incoming links. If the clicks are getting away from the website's homepage, you are losing your traffic, and your site ranking is getting worse. Create a focused 'Link Juice' by redirecting to the homepage, which is the authority.

8. Forgetting Local SEO:

It is essential to realize and evaluate your business. Evaluate the amount of traffic you are getting on your website and segment the keyword research accordingly. Remember to create content for both the national and international markets.
Why Local SEO? It is because it helps prospects find your business and products/services: the more relevant data and information you provide, the better the rankings will be.

9. Not Focusing On On-Site Speed:

Mistakes That Will Ruin Your SEO Strategies
SEO trends for 2020 have a vast range of tools that help you have fast loading and running website. A slow website tends to lose potential customers at a great level.

If your website takes long to upload, it will harm your site reputation as the user will go back to the search results and open another link, which creates a bounce rate. If your website isn't able to please the user and deliver the intended experience, then your ranking will diminish. Why? As Google only prioritize user experience.

Images are the main factors for website-slow-loading. So, work on image optimization and get more focus and traffic.

10. Not Conducting Website's Audit:

Mistakes That Will Ruin Your SEO Strategies
Audit and evaluation give you a clear image of your website's performance from the client's and search engine's point-of-view.

Check for the following things in your audit:
  • Site navigation has to be user-friendly.
  • Evaluation tells you the areas to improve and work on.
  • It gives a review of the optimization for your engine.
  • The content quality, checkout process, etc. can be evaluated.


I hope after reading this, you must come across that you've been inadvertently making some of these critical mistakes while having SEO strategies.

Work on the areas mentioned above, and no one can stop you from triumphing.

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