7 Things YouTubers Must Do For Quality Content (A Complete Guide 2020)

Things YouTubers Must Do For Quality Content
Everyone knows it pretty much well that Youtubing is getting its peak especially with all the quarantine chaos going around in 2020. That said, a beginner YouTuber needs to make sure that he/she is offering better content than others for improved audience retention.

But wait! How are you going to offer quality content when you don’t have prior knowledge of how audience retention works? That’s the question that needs to be answered.

So, in this regard, I’m going to list down some of the most important things that a YouTuber must do to ensure the quality content to his audience.

Let’s dive right into the main topic without any further ado:

Top 7 Things To Do for Quality Content On YouTube

1. Utilizing The Right Equipment:

Many professional YouTubers will tell you that the equipment doesn’t matter. Well, they are saying such absurd statements while sitting in front of a $2000 camera and an extremely expensive vlogging equipment.

So, it’s completely wrong, not to pay heed to the right equipment while making a video for your YouTube channel. Some recommendations from my side are as follows:

Invest in a Vlogging Camera: Purchase a vlogging camera even if you are low on budget. A 1080p video camera is a must if you want to deliver quality content.

Get Yourself a Microphone: I’ve seen many YouTubers relying on the in-built microphone of the camera which is extremely wrong. Better invest in a sophisticated microphone to resolve your audio issues while making the content.

Get a Tripod or a Monopod if Necessary: This is also important. You’d have to purchase a tripod or a monopod especially if you want to keep your videos away from shakiness and blurriness.

Make sure that you have the right equipment to make beautiful and aesthetic videos in order to get better audience retention.

2. Making A Storyline:

Your video must tell about something unique and exceptional in a well-designed manner. In short, you’d need to focus on building a storyline for your content. Keep in mind that the audience gets more interested in listening to stories rather than watching a boring one-directional video.

Now it’s up to your creativity and productivity that what kinda storyline you want to make to impress your audience. Go accordingly and you’d improve the quality of your content for sure.

3. Note Down The Important Points Of Your Video:

Now, this is something extremely important especially if you want to deliver extraordinary content to your subscribers. That said, I’ve seen many YouTubers doing this mistake of not listing down the important points they are going to discuss while making videos.

Due to this, a YouTuber is unable to deliver his content fully. So, what happens next is the audience starts getting bored from the video as it gets out of the track.

Therefore, before you start filming for the video, make sure that you note down important points before starting the discussion.

Believe me, this way you’d be able to attract many viewers and potential subscribers to your channel.

4. Background Matters:

This is specific to the field you are working in. For instance, if you are a tech reviewer on YouTube, you’d want the background to be white so that anything you review is shown clearly in the video.

In same way, if you are a travel vlogger, you’d want to capture those beautiful sceneries while traveling from one place to another. The same case goes for an action vlogger or a gaming YouTuber.

The whole point here is that background matters a lot especially when we are talking about quality content. Make sure that it’s simple and sophisticated enough to keep your viewers attracted for a long time.

5. Analyzing Your Competitors:

“Your Best Teacher is Your COMPETITOR.” This is the quote that I often use especially while teaching the hacks to make quality content.

Analyzing or following the top competitors of your niche makes it easier for you to design your content accordingly. For instance, if you are a gamer YouTuber, you’d want to follow the likes of Shroud or ChocoTaco to get better insights into how they are managing to get so much audience on their channel.

Similarly, you’d be subscribing to the likes of Casey Neistat or Jon Olsson if you are interested in making travel vlogs. In short, what I want to say is that before making content, make sure that you check out the top competitors of your niche. You’d thus be able to get a better idea of driving more traffic to your videos.

6. Never Compromise On Video Editing:

Compromising on video editing is just like serving uncooked and raw food. How’d it taste? Extremely terrible, of course! Never upload any video without doing basic video editing in it.

In case you aren’t fond of editing, hire a professional video editor if your pocket allows you to do so. In other way around, you should spend some time learning the art of editing videos, especially on a basic level.

This way, you’d be making your content all aesthetic and beautiful for your subscribers. Your audience would be bound to like your content even if it’s not that catchy filming-wise.

7. Ask Your Audience About The Content:

Last but not the least, if you are giving your best and still people aren’t happy with your content, then simply ask them for suggestions.

Make a short selfie video and ask all your subscribers about the recommendations and suggestions they have for you. I’m pretty much sure that your audience will point out many flaws in your content.

Learn from these suggestions and try to overcome them in your next video.

Some Last Words

In the end, I’d only advise you to keep working hard no matter what kind of content you make. You won’t get experience by uploading a YouTube video once in a blue moon. Better focus on your content makes it concise, complete, and easily understandable for your viewers.

I’m pretty much sure that by following the 7 important tips I’ve listed above, you’d be able to make a solid impact on your audience as the time passes by.

Ask any important question or query you have regarding, “Making the Quality Content for YouTube” and I’d be more than happy to help you in this regard.

Happy YouTubing!

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