How To Create A Successful Event To Grow Your Business?

Successful Event To Grow Your Business
Events are marketing strategies that when done right can boost your brand, can engage customers, and can make an impact on your community. But in order to achieve these results, it is essential that you are able to bring in the people to your event.

Events are a proven tool for the marketing of your brand. But having said that, if yours is a small business, then organizing and executing an event can be a challenge. You may not have a dedicated sales and marketing team. So you have to get the right audience and then manage your attendees with a minimum of resources and fuss.

But growing the business through events does not need to be complicated. A bit of strategic planning and thinking prior to the big day can help you to build a strong customer base, expand the network, and grow your business ultimately.

Just by following a few steps, you can achieve the results that you desire with your event. Take a look.

Align The Event Strategy And Company Goals

No one knows the goals of the organization better than you. If you want to grow your revenues the events need to focus on your products. The happy hour for networking can more easily enhance the connections and leads instead of securing the closed deals. So depending on what you want to gain with your event, the type of event that you host must be decided and it should align with the priorities of your company.

Types of Events and Goals:
  • Build Brand: Thought Leadership Conference
  • Grow Revenue: Trade Show
  • Decrease Organisational Turnover: Event for Internal Team Building

Add The Event Page To Your Website

If you have your own website, then you should definitely add a button or link from the event page. Otherwise, your visitors won’t be able to see anything about the event and you will lose a great opportunity. This will boost the SEO of your page and backlinks are still relied upon by Google to understand the pages that are popular. You must add links from your social channels and websites to your event page for helping Google know how they all work together.

Plan Up Well

Right from the beginning, you have to plan very well if you want to achieve the best results from your event. So choose your attendees well keeping in mind your target audience. Choose the right venue and see to it that it is neither too large nor too small. You should also have to take into account the catering, lighting, and so on. What’s more, you also need to network well which is discussed in the next point.

Network And Collect The Data Of Your Customers

One of the best things about events like trade shows and conferences is the capability to network both with industry professionals and potential customers. You can collect lots of business cards and so you have plenty of work. You can use a trade show or a conference or a hosted event for the list of subscriptions. You should try to entice people by drawing amongst the email sign-ups which you can collect at the time of an event. Also, plan up a prize with which you can felicitate the winner. This will be a smart investment in expanding the potential customer base.

Spread The Word About The Event

Now that you are wanting to host an event, it is time to spread the word. It is typically best to begin spreading the word. Here are some ways of spreading the news for you. Take a look:

a) Send Emails: You can remind your subscribers about your upcoming event if you have an email subscription list. If your email list has people who live near the event venue, you should email away. Again, if they stay far away then you segment the messages to skip them.

b) Post Reminders On Social Media: For promoting your event to the followers, you should use your social media accounts. You can also offer special deals or discounts to those who share the posts of yours.

c) Go For Twitter Hashtags: Many trade shows and conferences use the social media hashtags like Twitter for helping the users connect at the time of the show. You will find many such business posts strewn across Twitter. So when you are hosting an event you should try to tweet as much as you can with the hashtag.

d) Include Event Information About The Advertising: If you are using a radio or paper or any other local medium of advertising, you should allow a small space for the promotion of your upcoming event.

Expect The Unexpected

It is quite rare for events to run smoothly from beginning to finish. You can start to panic if something doesn’t go right. So you need to remain calm, keep yourself focussed, and learn to improvise when needed to prevent worsening a small issue that can be otherwise handled swiftly. From weather changes to missing staff to the irresponsible supplier, you can face anything while organizing an event.

That is why you should always arrange for a Plan B beforehand to cope with unprecedented but not impossible situations. That way you will not lose it if the things turn topsy-turvy all of a sudden. You yourself would have got your back that way. The experts of the reputed event organization opine that immediately after the event you should assess your scope of improvement and make it happen the next time.

So even if you are not an expert in in-person events, these tips can get you going through even the most precarious situations and help you ensure the success of your event. Only by organizing something that will remain etched in the minds of your attendees for years for all the right reasons you can expect your event to achieve the desired ROI and the results that enhance your conversions as well as bring forth a solid customer base.

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