Best Online Investment Platforms

Best Online Investment Platforms
Everyone wants to double the return on investment; the person who invests in safe and good businesses can generate maximum ROI. The conventional ways of investment require a lot of dedication and focus. People are also not comfortable with the extent of risks involved in conventional ways of investment.

Nowadays, many online investment platforms are designed that caters to the need of people having diverse backgrounds. These platforms come with complete guidelines and tutorials where you can learn about the nitty-gritty of investment. Such platforms allow you to access critical information and stats display. Users can make secure payments by using their RBC debit cards without spending much time in physical transactions for businesses.

The services provided by online investment platforms make it easy to invest in stock and shares or in mutual fundraising. This article covers some popular and amazing investment platforms which you can access from any available device.

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Some of the best online investment platforms are:
  • Fidelity
  • Betterment
  • TD Ameritrade
  • E*Trade
  • Charles Schwab
  • Webull
  • Vanguard


Fidelity is an online investment platform with a low processing fee and brokerage charges. It offers various ways for the investor to invest according to the goals set. On the basis of research, this investment platform offers more than 200 investment centers around the world.

This platform provides the best services with easy-to-operate tools and the latest professional guidance regarding investment. It has a legal advisor for investment with clear recommendations for growing and protecting your wealth.


Betterment offers a Robo-advisor to double your return on investment with simple and advanced technology. This platform is available at 0.40% yearly on the premium services and financial advisor with updating stats.

It offers multiple types of accounts, including traditional or Roth IRA, Taxable brokerage accounts, and retirement pension accounts with less processing fees. The basic investment charge of this online platform is 0.25% of the revenue generated.

TD Ameritrade:

TD Ameritrade is a well-renowned online stock trading platform with multiple investment options, including free Forex trading, IPO Stocks, Bitcoin, and many others. It is not only limited to the investment but also provides information regarding the company’s education, research, and planning.

The investors also get access to simulation to demo the investment before putting money into the trade. It includes cutting-edge technology it enables the investors to create a wish list and monitor the stats with daily market commentary.


E*Trade is mobile trading application with customizable features, including stock screening and third-party research. This platform does not require any processing fee, but the investors only have to pay 0.30% annually for the Robo-financial advisor.
Best Online Investment Platforms
It offers various types of accounts, including saving accounts and checking accounts, with enables the investors to transfer their funds between all your accounts free of charge. It also provides information regarding the company’s education, research, and planning.

Charles Schwab:

Charles Schwab is an automated online investment application with the Robo financial advisor to generate maximum revenue. The complete guideline regarding account handling and financial consultation is made through the video chat.

The personalized financial plans help the investors to fulfill their goals without any charges for the work. It is a proven powerful trading tool that provides a complete guide to navigating the trends of the market with statistics displayed.


Webull is an online mobile investment application with commission-free trading of stocks. This application is similar to TD Ameritrade as it accepts the cryptocurrency for online investment with robust trading tools for better results.

It offers a notable trading emulator, and the design of this application is easy to understand by intermediate users. The online investment platform offers advance order types and advance charting and includes information regarding the trends of the stock exchange market.


Vanguard is an investment application for low-cost funds as it is a unique online trading platform that is owned by the fundholders with large collection funds for mutual investment. It offers a simple login method for account creation. This platform is trusted by 2.5 million users on the basis of research.

It is the best platform that provides the communication box for investors and finance professionals to share ideas and collaborate via mobile application. This application does not require any trading commission for managing the account of investors.


Robinhood is an online trading platform, and this platform is mostly liked by young investors. It offers a low trading cost and does not require any processing charges. The login procedure is simple as the investor only have to enter general information from a government ID card.

It is embedded with advanced tools for easy account operating of investors. It includes a robot financial advisor for investment with clear recommendations for growing and protecting your wealth with peer-to-peer payment services for valuable customers.

Final Words

The article mentioned above describes the online investment platform for generating profitable revenue. Most people do not have enough time to find out the best online investment platform in their busy schedules. These platforms are proven helpful in selecting the best investment platform with complete guidelines and tutorials where you can learn about the nitty-gritty of investment.

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