Expert Tips To Write Blog Posts Faster In 2022

Expert Tips To Write Blog Posts Faster
Do you ever feel confused about how some people are updating their blogs in a faster manner? Do you think the only thing which matters is typing faster? But the speedier blog post is all about the fast typing and multiple items you have to follow to achieve the desired result. Useful tips to write blog post will solve the issues about faster blog writing and posting.

Suppose you start your own blog. Then you want to post something, but you are taking too much time to update your blog. But your typing speed is quite good, and you already completed many typing tasks. Then this is not the matter of the typing speed.

A high-quality post is always taking much more effort than a casual social media post. The high-quality blog post needs more research and a good typing speed both. Good practice makes everything easier in order to complete a high-level blog post. If you have any queries related to blog posts, then try to attend the quora partner program. That will help you to solve all doubts that you have in your mind. There you can view many other answers of different authors.

The fear inside you will make lots of queries about the faster blog posting. As a result, you do not feel comfortable while writing the post.

  • Every time whenever you start to write a post, do you want to be as perfect as a professional writer?
  • Are you getting confused about the introduction and the conclusion part?
  • Does typing speed bother you?

These are the main doubts in your mind. The solution to these questions cannot solve the issues instantly, but you will get a chance to write it better.

5 Expert Tips To Write Blog Posts

If you want to publish several posts in a single month. Then the proper method of writing posts must be known for faster writing and posting. Writing a blog within the calculated time is the main key element to being a successful blog writer. Just shed off the fear and follow these tricks to write faster.
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1. Forget To Be Perfect

If you are a literature student, then the perfect language comes from your pen automatically. But when you are just a casual man. Then the perfections are not expected from you. If you start to write online, then grammatical-error-free writing can be possible. Online computer writing means you can edit it at any time you want.

The correction can be possible for any mistakes. The key to fast writing is to write first and then do the edit after you finish writing it. The edit or correction should always be followed at the last of your writing. You do not have to be perfect but try to write content that is free of any grammatical errors. The less grammatical error, straightforward, and user-friendly language is the best writing method, which can easily convey your message to your readers.

2. The Regular Writing Practices

As they say practice makes perfect. Do not improvise it in a wrong or casual way, like, no one is perfect so why practicing? If you are thinking, what precisely means about the writing practice? Of course, I am not a sportsman, so what about practice? Then you are not taking the tips in the correct way. The faster typing means your stopwatch is your competitor.

The faster typing and quality post are both requirements. So, try to practice the type on a regular basis. If writing is becoming your habit. Then you do not need any warm-up to start the writing. Maybe the first one week, you are on a slower progress path, but then after two-three weeks, you will easily spot the difference. Your writing speed will definitely increase day by day if you practice it properly with a determination to show visible improvements.

3. First, Write Down The Conclusion Part

The conclusion is the narrative part of your post. The conclusion part will be easier to write down if you start to write it at the beginning. Just gather the primary focal point and elaborate it wisely.

The conclusion is the main concern point that you want to convey to your viewers. If you elaborate on the conclusion part before the body of the writing. Then the elaboration and the descriptions of the articles become easy and you will be able to write the article faster than you usually write.
Expert Tips To Write Blog Posts Faster

4. The Introduction Must Be Written In The Last

The introduction is all-time described at the beginning of the post, but if you write down the opening, at last, the post body becomes smoother. The introduction consists of the overall post’s short version. This means every viewer will get a clear idea about the whole post within the first two or three lines. Every time introductions need good overall research about the topics. If you write down the introductions in the last. The topic’s overall research will be over, and the article’s opening will be easier and more fluent.

5. Research Before Writing The Post

Researching and writing cannot be done simultaneously. The research is always needed to be done before starting any writings. You can save all documents related to your study in your mail, and you can use them as per your need.

Research is always required before any type of writing. Even if you want to share your personal view on the blog, proper research is also needed. One wrong information and incorrect data can easily harm your overall reputation.

6. Determine Your Most Productive Time Of The Day

While talking about productivity, it is more about managing your energy rather than managing your time. We all get the same hours in a day but the hours are not equal for everyone.

We all know something about us. You also may know whether we are a morning bird or a night owl. At what time you are most active or your productivity is high. But it does not mean that your most productive time will be your most creative time. Your productive and creative time can be different. In case you have no idea about your most productive and creative time, work on yourself. Pay a little more attention to your daily schedule and determine those times.

After determining your most productive and creative time of the day, you can use them accordingly in order to manage your blog writings. You have to be creative and productive in order to write a blog faster. Or you can manage your time and work accordingly. Use your creative time for creative tasks and make yourself prepared for writing and then use your productive time for penning down your creativity and writing faster.

7. Block Distractions

Distractions are the real enemy of faster writing. We are all addicted to smartphones and specifically social media. In order to keep yourself away from any kind of distractions, put your cell phone on DND or “do not disturb” mode. It will be best if you put your phone in a different room. This way you can resist yourself from looking at your phone.

Though your phone is in another room, you are still checking your social media while writing. You can use a browser extension, which will keep you focused by blocking certain sites, during the time duration, while you are writing. There are a lot of extensions available online.

8. Listen Music In Order To Encourage Focus

Many of us find music distracting while they are writing. In most cases lyrical music is the problem. According to a study, comprehensible words may distract us because our brain tries to figure them out. But the right music can boost your concentration and help you write faster.

9. Do Not Use Grammar and Spelling Checker While Writing

Writing and editing simultaneously can slow down your writing speed. Those squiggly green and red lines are too disturbing while writing. So, it will be best if you turn off your grammar and spelling checkers. After you are done with writing you can go back and check for any grammatical and spelling mistakes. Correct them accordingly.

To turn off the spell check in Google docs, go to tools => grammar and spelling => uncheck the show spelling suggestion. And in order to turn off the spell check on google chrome, open browser settings => search for spell checks => click the slider to turn off.


Writing a blog is never a hard task to perform if you take it naturally. This way the writing and the post both become much easier to handle. For this reason, if you choose any interesting topics as per your choice and the more natural way and the emotional tone is always creating a good impact on the viewers. Good error-free blog posting is indeed a brilliant branding technique. Try to implement the mentioned technique, and change your pattern of doing any task. We hope you will see some effective changes in your writing speed.
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