A Quick Guide To Video Marketing For Business

A Quick Guide To Video Marketing For Business
Video marketing is quickly taking over the way we consume media. It has become an extremely effective marketing strategy for promoting businesses on social media.

According to Cisco, it’s estimated that video content will account for more than 82% of internet traffic in 2022. That’s why many businesses are now shifting their focus to using video as part of their marketing strategies in order to grab the attention of a wider audience. Brands can then send messages across in a concise and compelling way using video content.

What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is something that businesses across all fields are adopting nowadays. It is a tactic using video content to promote a brand, product, or service on online platforms.

Since video content is widespread on social media and other platforms, incorporating this content format will help businesses reach out to bigger audiences. However, unlike written content, videos are easy to understand and remember. People can quickly acknowledge a brand or certain product from visual content than long-block texts. Video marketing utilizes engaging visuals and convincing narrations to help customers find their way in solving problems. Since visualization matters for the audience to get messages across, they prefer consuming visual content to reading articles.

Why Should Businesses Use Video Marketing?

There are many reasons that you should incorporate a video marketing strategy into your business. Here are some of the key benefits:

Improve SEO:

Just like articles or textual contents can help increase traffic from search engines if optimized correctly, videos have great chances of doing so with the right tags, titles, and descriptions. When optimized properly with the right keyword, people can discover your business rather quickly. However, videos get more chances of being discovered since Google has embedded a video section on its SERPs.

Increase Time Spent On Site:

People will spend more time on your blog if you have interesting content, such as explainer videos to help visitors get to know your business. High time spent on pages can help improve SEO, as search engines will know that your site is engaging.

Boost Brand Recognition:

Using videos on social media or the blog page of your website helps associate your brand with visual information, which is far more memorable than textual content. Therefore, people can remember your brand better when learning it from videos rather than reading a blog post.

Drive More Sales:

Videos help visitors learn more about your products and services faster than text or images, so it will be easier for you to convince them to buy. Also, having a video on top of your website means that search engine crawlers can also understand what your brand is all about, which can boost your SEO ranking.

Build Trust:

Online users are wary of clicking links that seem suspicious or untrustworthy because they might end up getting cheated instead of landing on the expected website. Using videos on your site shows visitors that you care enough to take time and effort in providing them with content they can rely on to make purchases.
A Quick Guide To Video Marketing For Business

5 Popular Types Of Video Marketing You Should Know

There are many video marketing types that you can incorporate into your business. Below are some of the most common marketing videos that many brands have used to leverage their social media campaigns.

1. Explainer videos

Explainer videos may be one of the most popular types of videos online. This type of video content shows the benefits of using a product or service, and a narrator on camera usually presents it. Companies such as Dropbox, Evernote, and Nestlé have used this type of video for their social media campaigns.

In short, explainer videos are another type of promotional content that is quickly gaining popularity nowadays. They are highly effective in grabbing people's attention as well as getting the message across about the product or service being advertised.

2. How-to Videos

How-to videos show people how to use a certain product or service that you offer properly. Motion graphics and step-by-step scripts are common components of these types of advertising clips, making them very effective in educating your prospects about what your brand can do for them. Many brands like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, IBM, and General Electric have posted how-to videos on their Facebook pages or YouTube accounts to further enhance their brand image among consumers.

How-to videos help teach people new things regarding your industry and can help generate more traffic for your website at the same time. How-to content will also help establish an authority image on many aspects of your field while attracting more. That’s because this video content is engaging as they urge viewers to take part in the activity by following your leads.

3. Whiteboard Animation Videos

You can also use whiteboard animation videos to educate your prospects about what you have to offer without them having to sit through an hour-long presentation about your product or service.

Whiteboard animation videos involve sketches and drawings that present key points regarding your product or service with text, graphics, or illustrations appearing alongside these drawings, so viewers will easily understand what you're trying to say through this type of marketing video.

4. Product Demo Videos

A product demo video is another type of marketing video that can explain how your product works. The great thing about using a product demo video as part of your online marketing campaign is that it helps convert your website visitors into actual customers faster and easier than before.

People can stay at home while learning your products without physically being there. Watching product demo videos allows them to learn how they work without going through the stress of actually learning it in person. This means that product demo videos are very effective in making people understand what exactly your products do.

5. Testimonial Videos

If you want to convince your prospects to become customers, testimonials are an excellent tool for that purpose. That's because an unbiased third party creates the review rather than the brand itself.

Testimonial videos include reviews of your past customers about their experience in using your product or services. Incorporating customer reviews in your marketing strategies will help you gain more trust and increase conversion rates because people will only believe other testimonies than words from your sales team.


Video marketing is a fun and exciting marketing strategy to interact with your audience. That’s because you make content that’s generally engaging enough for people to get hooked to watch. However, keep in mind that it takes time, effort, and an ample budget to create great videos for your online marketing campaign.

If you take the time to create professional-quality videos, it can be one of the most powerful tools in your online marketing bag of tricks. You can hire an explainer video company to help you craft your content or use DIY video marketing tools if you’re confident in your ability to make the video yourself.

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