Best B2B Retailer Apps Of 2022

Best B2B Retailer Apps Of 2022
This article lists the best b2b retailer apps of 2022 for customer-centric marketing that is helping for better organization of retail businesses.

The Fast-Paced B2B eCommerce Sector

Due to the Covid epidemic, the B2B e-commerce sector is fast increasing on a large scale. Lockdowns and restricted movements have led some manufacturers and distributors to use technology for their businesses in the last year, which has proven to be rather profitable.

When you're running a business, it's difficult to manage and coordinate everything at the same time. There are various B2B mobile applications available today to help you manage your core company. B2B mobile applications are created to satisfy special needs, such as a public portal for assigning and managing projects and in-house inventory management apps.

B2B App Market

The companies have recently launched B2B mobile apps for customer-centric marketing to a specific consumer demographic. Businesses have been using mobile solutions to help them better organize their internal operations, identify new partners, provide services to businesses, and optimize interactions with all sections of the supply chain since the market began to evolve.

In this article, we will list the best b2b retailer apps of 2022.

Best B2B Retailer Apps Of 2022


Moglix is an industrial B2B eCommerce marketplace software based in Asia that services over 500,000 small, medium, and large customers. It has a 16,000-supplier supply chain, as well as 35 warehouses and logistics infrastructure. Additionally, the firm claims to be India's largest eCommerce site for industrial goods, with over 500,000 SKUs on its platform. Furthermore, the organization has a strong preference for B2B industrial supply procurement, including MRO, Safety, Electrical & Lighting, Cleaning & Laundry Supplies, Office Supplies, Tools, and other industry necessities.

The app is designed to provide a smooth shopping experience with simple access to a wide range of products. All of the products have been cataloged in great detail, with complete product information at your fingertips and bargains that give the best prices. Furthermore, consumers can buy things in bulk at wholesale costs straight from our huge selection of products.


Fatura is a b2b digital platform that is transforming the FMCG industry in Egypt and Africa. The company found in 2019, was the first application to serve the entire FMCG traditional trade cycle. Fatura addresses critical pain points in the conventional FMCG cycle by providing a digital platform that allows FMCG manufacturers and wholesalers to communicate directly with retailers in a more efficient and timely manner. Fatura enhances retailers' operating capital by enabling on-credit purchase, in addition to digitizing the ordering experience. The startup uses a wealth of data and advanced AI models to rapidly analyze any merchant on the network's trustworthiness. Fatura is on its way to becoming the premier digital platform in the FMCG market across Egypt and Africa, with considerable traction in Cairo and Giza.

The Fatura app provides a real-time, up-to-date view of products, prices, and reviews. It also provides a seamless experience with quick fulfillment. Furthermore, manufacturers and wholesalers will benefit from increased reach and coverage.


Udaan is a network-centric B2B commerce platform tailored to India's small and medium businesses. India's traders, wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers, and brands are all gathered on one platform. By delivering real-time insights into dynamic trends and excellent B2B trade capabilities, Udaan empowers them to use technology to grow and nurture their business.

Traders may connect with customers and sellers throughout the country using this platform. Additionally, retailers and business owners can find and purchase a large choice of high-quality products at wholesale costs. In addition, Udaan sells items in a variety of categories, including Electronics & Appliances, Clothing & Accessories, Footwear, Food & FMCG, Pharmaceuticals/Medicines, Home & Kitchens, Electricals, Toys, Baby & Sports, and more. Suppliers can also receive orders from buyers throughout the country.

The easy-to-use allows users to find consumers, suppliers, and items in a variety of categories. Users may buy and sell on their timetables, with safe payments and efficient logistics. Users of Udaan can further expand their network by forming partnerships with like-minded retailers.


Retailo is an online business-to-business retailer marketplace that allows retailers to buy products for their stores daily. It serves as a one-stop-shop for all of your requirements. In addition, it is the most popular B2B business app in the Middle East and North Africa. By reducing inventory and cash flow issues, our technology empowers the friendly local business. The app allows customers to choose from over 3500 SKUs. It also provides free next-day delivery within 24 hours, making purchasing simple and stress-free. Furthermore, the software is built to match the needs of retailers.

The b2b app Retailo is simple with dynamic graphics for ease of use. You may use the application to get food and supplies for your shop in the most convenient method imaginable. That isn't all, though. All broken expired, or spoiled products delivered during transportation are eligible for a free return. To serve them, the Retailo app is available in four languages: Arabic, English, Urdu, and Roman Urdu.

Retailo app provides customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as a digital B2B marketplace. As a result, shops will never have to be concerned about any on-field difficulties. Retailers may simply return goods that have expired, spoilt, or broken during transit or delivery thanks to MENAP's fastest-growing B2B marketplace. They are entitled to a free replacement of these items.


Sary is a Saudi Arabian deliverable b2b retailer app. It's a click-to-connect B2B marketplace app that connects small businesses with a network of wholesale market suppliers and distributors. In its marketplace, Sary is on a quest to change the B2B wholesale business. Furthermore, by forecasting future use, small enterprises will be able to procure materials more efficiently. Furthermore, it is expediting purchasing processes and gains access to lower rates through negotiation. Achieving semi-autonomous fulfillment is also a goal.

You can register and operate a grocery store, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a hotel, a company office, a government institution, or any other sort of facility with the Sary app. You can also use the application to place wholesale orders directly from suppliers and distributors.

The Sary app offers several payment options as well as speedy order delivery for user convenience. Users do not have to bargain with Sary to receive the best prices because they are available right now. Stacks of paper bills and invoices are unnecessary. Don't bother going to the wholesale market every week. Also, forget about late-arriving order delivery agents.


GramFactory is an Indian B2B ordering tool that helps small enterprises simplify sourcing, effectively monetize assets, and obtain trade financing.

Small businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to get a diverse range of FMCG brands. Some retailers are having logistical challenges with product delivery, and they aren't always getting the most value for their shelf space. GramFactory app is a technology-enabled platform that revolutionizes the retail industry by reaching a big market and brand. In addition, credit is available. If you use the GramFactory app, you can buy thousands of items for resale at wholesale prices and in large quantities. You may place an order at any time of day and have it delivered directly to your home.

The GramFactory app is aimed towards small businesses, entrepreneurs, department stores, Kirana stores, and even small towns and villages. It also focuses on FMCG categories like Household Needs, Personal Care, Snacks & Packaged Foods, Beverages, Cleaning & Housekeeping Supplies, and Cleaning & Housekeeping Supplies.


Tradeling in the Middle East's premier B2B platform, bringing together foreign sellers and local buyers. It streamlines the trade process for those looking for business supplies as well as those that manufacture, supply, or trade things for profit.

Furthermore, Tradeling saves you time and money by automating and optimizing time-consuming offline procurement and supply chain operations. Tradeling offers users more control, and more visibility in all aspects of buying and selling business goods, such as beauty and personal care, food and beverages, workplace stationery, and home appliances and accessories. Sports, animal care, machinery, furnishings, and automobile and hardware are all included. Furthermore, employing Tradeling will improve user profit margins and bottom line right away.

The Tradeling app is suitable for both large and small enterprises. They provide a streamlined, hassle-free solution for overseas vendors to reach the fast-growing Middle East market without having to build a local office. We provide buyers with access to worldwide brands as well as the chance to purchase directly from major global companies at wholesale pricing.


B2B management is critical yet time-consuming to handle manually. People are prone to overlooking vital tasks. B2B mobile apps, on the other hand, take care of arranging and preserving your commercial operations while keeping correct records. These apps are quite useful since they can be used anywhere, at any time, and they allow data exchange as well as anything you can accomplish in the office even if you are not there. Businesses are increasingly relying on B2B mobile applications for their ease and adaptability in the face of adversity, ensuring optimum efficiency and accessibility.
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