Tips For Growing Your Food Blog

Tips For Growing Your Food Blog
You have a food blog, but you do not know how to increase followers?

You came to the right place! Here you could read some great information about advancing your blog. Also, you will learn how to gain readers' attention. There are many useful tips and tricks that could help you a lot with introducing your site to the community.

Best 16 Tips How To Grow Up Your Food Blog

1. Post Interesting And Authentic Content

One of the most important things about blogging is what you post. Your blog needs to be interesting, inspirational, and original. The best thing would be if you explore what people are currently interested in. If it is soon a holiday, make posts about food that is consumed then. Try to write regularly, but only post amazing recipes so people would come back for more. If they do not like what they see, they would not come back, and you will not have an appreciated blog.

2. Do Not Steal Other People's Ideas

You already read that your blog needs to be authentic. That means that you need to focus on your own recipes, how you make them, and try to post only your photos of that meal. You should not steal recipes, pictures, or ideas from other bloggers because they are trying their best to succeed just like you. You could lose followers if they notice that you do not have your own ideas. But if you use somebody else's picture, ask for permission and write the source.

3. Connect With Your Readers And Followers

You need to show your readers that you are the real person. The best thing would be if you communicate with your followers. Also, if they show interest in your recipes, or have some questions, try your best to give them a proper explanation. You could make your other accounts visible to them, so they could follow you where they prefer. Put links to your other accounts in a visible place on your site, so they could easily find you.

4. Learn How To Take Great Photos Of Your Food

Your cooking blog needs to be appealing. One of the ways to achieve this is by taking great photos of your meal. For example, you could try different angles or different applications for making your food photos better. When people see photos of delicious food, they would want to read the recipe. There are many photo editors so you could make it better there. Also, make sure the images are clean and not blurry.

5. Write About Topics And Food You Love

This is one of the ways how you could connect with people who follow your cooking blog. Your readers would love to know more about you. Show them your favorite recipes, what you love to change in the ordinary preparation of a meal, and show them how you make your favorite food. People would respect your hard work and honesty. Show them your knowledge and what you love about certain dishes.

6. Self-hosted Blog Or A Hosted Blog?

You could choose between a self-hosted blog or a hosted blog. If you choose a self-hosted blog you could make anything you want with it. If you have many great ideas you could make them real. But, if you are not great at backing up your cooking site, you should try with a hosted blog. If you choose this option you will have a company house working on your site. Also, they will update your software so you would not have any problem with that. It does not cost a thing, and it will save you from stress.

7. Make A Plan

When you are into any job, you need to exactly know what you want from it. So, you should write what your goal is, and go get it! Make a plan for the next few days. Think about what you should write, what you want to tell your audience, and put that on a paper so you would not forget. Also, you could make a calendar and write your plans on it. There would be many things you would want to say, so keep your planner near you, because you never know when a good idea could pop up.

8. Learn How To Deal With Heaters

You already know that there would always be somebody who would not appreciate your hard work. Your job is to learn how not to be hurt by their words. Make a difference between the people who give you advice and the ones who want you to fail at your work. Do not forget that you should always be polite and confident. Keep being you, and enjoy your blog, with or without them. Haters will stop when they see that they are not affecting you.

9. Make Easy To Share And Comment Your Posts

When you start posting regularly, people would come back, and they would want to share some of your delicious recipes or your cooking advice. That is why you should make that easier for them. On every social media, you can turn on the share and comment button. That way, people would visit your cooking blog and share it with their friends and family. Show people that you care about them and say thank you when they share or comment on your posts.

10. Do Not Give Up

You will need to put in a lot of effort if you want to succeed. There will be a lot of hard work, research, and communication needed if you want to achieve the growth of your blog. You need to be persistent and determined in what you do, and there will be success. You can accomplish anything you set your mind to, especially when you love your job.

11. Use Social Media To Increase Followers

There are so many social media that could help you grow your cooking blog. You should be visible to people on different platforms. For example, you could put links on your youtube videos, so people would easier get in contact with you. People choose where they want to follow you, so be opened up to various options. Get an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account where you could post recipes and pictures or one of these. Use many keywords and hashtags in descriptions. That way more people will see your post.

12. Pay Attention To The Competition

Sometimes you need to pay attention to the competition. Look at their content, which topics are more accepted by people, and how they promote themselves. You will learn more about competition, and people, when you take notice of their work. You should not steal their ideas, just have a look at their offer.

13. Speed Up Your Site

If you want more people to visit your site, you need to speed it up. Nobody loves waiting much for the page to load. There are many ways to speed it up and tools which could help you. For example, you should keep your page updated, split the comment section into pages, and you could try not to upload videos directly on your site. There are many programs for speed, so you could also download one.

14. Make Your Site Convenient For Everybody

Make your page easily accessible to everyone. Some people are not great with new technologies, so try to make the page handy for them. The page should be well designed, so everything is visible and in order. Place different topics at the top of the page so they can be found quickly. Place the search engine in a visible place, preferably at the top.

15. Start Online courses

You could try to organize online courses. There you could learn other people how to cook, or just answer their questions. This would be perfect if your followers are younger people, beginners in cooking. Also, like this, you would interact more with other people and get more followers. The best thing is that you will also learn something from their experience.

16. You Could Try To Join Webinar

If you are not ready for your own online courses, you could try to join the webinar. There you could learn more about cooking, promoting sites, networks, and many more. You could hear other people's experiences. Also, you could meet many people there, and maybe connect and cooperate with them after.


Here you could read much great advice about how to grow your cooking blog. The most important is that you need to be confident and kind while communicating with your readers. Also, you should post interesting content. If you would not have time for your blog, you could always turn to a hosted blog. That way, you would reduce stress and have more time while professionals are improving your site. Just stay true to yourself and enjoy. Remember to listen to your followers and be available to them.

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