How Important Is Web Design While Marketing Your Online Store?

How Important Is Web Design While Marketing
Many online business owners worry about the products, conversion rates, and marketing campaigns to increase sales and visibility on their site. But there is a lot more that contributes to business success, and website design is among them. A website provides a platform where you can easily display your products, interact with your customers, and improve your digital marketing. Thus, it’s important to optimize it.

Importance of Web Design While Marketing Your Online Store

A website just doesn’t need to look pretty, it has significant importance on your brand’s performance. It builds your brand’s style and helps to convey your message to your customers. So without further ado, let’s see what importance does web design holds.

1. To Stand Out

One of the main reasons why web design is so important is because it helps you create a brand identity and stand out from your competitors. In today’s era of digital marketing, competition is tough, and being unique is getting harder and harder. Thus, by choosing a theme that speaks to your style, using a consistent font, and high-quality images, you can attract customers to your website and generate increased leads.

Creating a unique and attractive web design will also have a positive impact on your customers and encourage them to explore your site.

2. To Create A Lasting Impression

Website design is the first thing your customer will see when they enter your site and will instantly form an impression regarding your brand’s quality and position. An outdated and unattractive site will only aid in losing customers, thus it’s important to work on web design to create a positive lasting impression and entice them to navigate your site and ultimately result in converting visitors into loyal customers.

It comes as no surprise that many shoppers look at your products and business online before making a purchase, thus by creating a sophisticated and up-to-date site, you can build trust among your customers.

3. To Improve Customer Service

The main logic behind creating a website is a place online where you can welcome your customers, interact with them, and offer them an easy shopping experience. How does web design contribute to all that? A good web design portrays the message of friendliness and trust. When a customer enters a site, they see a simple and beautiful layout, with updated features, and easy navigation. The customer is intrigued, trust is building, and the customer is ready to explore your site.

A nicely designed site provides ease to the customers in navigation, increases conversion opportunities, and gives an excellent shopping experience.

4. To Improve SEO

This might come as a shock, but web design plays a major role in optimizing content SEO and visibility. Your web design determines how you will present your content, where you will place them, where the call-to-action buttons will be located, and much more. This in turn affects how search engines, like Google, will explore your site for SEO optimization.

Also, a site that is mobile optimized and is up-to-date will rank higher in search engines rather than an outdated site. Thus, working on your site from the start could greatly work to your benefit.

5. To Build Credibility

Another important factor that is linked to web design is building credibility. All points above focus on the fact that customer approval is achieved through a good web design. A website that is outdated and unappealing might seem non-trustworthy to customers and make them think it’s a scam. Or it could also result in poor customer satisfaction due to no effort put into the web design. Customers might also become skeptical if you don’t have a website as almost all other businesses in your niche do so.

Thus, a good web design could help eradicate all these worries and build your brand’s credibility, and help in gaining customers’ trust and loyalty.

What Should A Perfect Web Design Have?

Since web design holds so much importance for your brand’s image and SEO, we must create the perfect website for our business as well. Let’s look at some of the essential qualities that a good website should have.

1. Easy Navigation

A website is made for the purpose of exploration. It provides a platform where customers can know more about your brand, your products, and your mission. Thus, your web design should be simple and easy to navigate. A difficult and poorly designed website can result in customer disapproval and lead them to leave your site. Create a simple website, with clear sections divided into subsections, and don’t overload it with plugins and unnecessary features so customers can easily find the content they are looking for quickly.

2. Mobile-Optimized

More than 50% of consumers prefer to shop online rather than in-person. This has worked great in the advantage of retail store owners as digital marketing tools provide a greater audience reach than any other form of marketing.

To appear professional and authentic on the internet, you need to have a solid web design. It is also important that your web design is accessible by any device such as mobile, computers, tablets, etc. Create a website that adapts to any device and doesn’t interfere with the user experience.

3. Consistent Style

One of the things you need to manage on your website is design consistency. This helps you create a prominent brand image and lets your customers recognize you by that. To be consistent in your web design, you need to pick out a certain color, font, format, define content placement, and much more to create a unique brand image.

This also helps in creating a website that is filled with elements that are related to each other in design and gives a unified look.

4. Speed and Performance

Many people fill their websites with various plugins and extensions to make an attractive web design. This is a wrong approach and unnecessary elements could lead to poor performance and slow page loads. A site that takes 2 seconds to load is penalized by Google, thus affecting your SEO and visibility. It’s important to keep your web design simple, up-to-date, and clutter-free to avoid longer page loading time.

Tips For Creating The Best Website

Follow these simple and easy tips to create an amazing web design that has all the above-mentioned qualities and still stand out from your competitors.

1. Choose The Perfect Theme

The best thing about creating your website on WooCommerce is the unlimited theme options available. Choosing the right theme is very beneficial for your business as you can look for something that is within your budget, suitable to your brand’s style, and is easily customizable. A suitable theme can provide you with easy navigation, scalability, mobile responsiveness, and much more. You can check out some of the best WooCommerce themes for your online store here.

2. Enable Social Proof

Another way to improve your web design is by adding plugins and features on your site to improve customer experience. One of the most effective and attractive features is real-time social proof. Through this feature, you can show real-time activity on-site to visitors and increase conversions. Not only this helps in increasing sales and building trust and credibility, but it also makes your website more appealing and creates a nicer impression.

3. Simplify The Checkout Process

One of the most tedious tasks of shopping online is the checkout process. It’s long, requires a lot of information, and is time-consuming. It is also a major reason why people do not proceed with the purchase because a cluttered checkout page could also affect your page load speed.

Thus by simplifying the checkout process, you can streamline the whole process and offer various options to your customers to better improve their experience.


The eCommerce business is tricky to navigate and excel, there are multiple components you need to take care of before you achieve substantial results regarding sales and revenue. Web design might seem small in the grand scheme of things, but it has lasting impressions. A good web design not only appeals to the eye but also helps in increasing conversions, optimizing SEO, and building your brand’s image. Thus we believe that investing in your website design could be a major advantage for your business.

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