Practical Tips To Finally Delete All Your Duplicate Photos

Tips To Finally Delete All Your Duplicate Photos
We often ignore the duplicate photos that keep on piling up on our phone which results in the slow devices and frequent crashing of applications. Deleting these identical pictures or duplicate photos that get accumulated is necessary for the smooth functioning of your smartphone. There are a lot of free or paid applications available on the play store that you can download to delete these duplicate images. Not just a faster processor but you will also free up a lot of storage devices on your phone.

Surely you can go delete the duplicate images manually but we all know nobody has that much time on their hands. You will have to manually go through each and every image in your phone and delete them which will take hours on end so it’s better to download an app that will do the job for you in no time with just a few clicks. Doing it manually is time-consuming and frustrating and will require a lot of patience if you don’t regularly check and delete the duplicate images every now and then.

So its best to deal with this in a smarter way by taking help from an app. Here I am listing top duplicate picture finder apps that are available on your android device which you can download from the play store and clean up your gallery to make new space and to keep your processor up to speed.

1. Duplicate Photo Remover- Recover Storage Space

Tips To Finally Delete All Your Duplicate Photos
As the name suggests, the app will scan your phone and find the duplicate images that are available on your phone. The interface is clean and user friendly where the app will scan to find all the duplicate photos available on your device. After scanning, it will show you all the duplicate images which you can review before deleting them. This preview of duplicates will help you exclude any photo if you want to and delete the rest of them.

The app is lightweight on your device and will do the scanning and deleting within no time. You will have an optimized photo gallery and new-found storage space to store other important files.
You can even share the photo file before deleting or open to review it properly. Either review every duplicate or you can remove all of them by just one tap. This one has quite an impressive number of positive reviews on play store that makes it one of the favorites when it comes to removing duplicate photos on your android device.

2. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Tips To Finally Delete All Your Duplicate Photos
This is the best app that is out there when it comes to cleaning out duplicate or similar-looking photos. It is user friendly and is quite lightweight on your device. You can use the trial period before buying the app to make sure this is what you were looking for.

The interface is minimal and sleek and you can easily navigate through the app. The scan is quick and it will display the duplicates and similar looking images within seconds for you to preview before deleting. You can either manually delete the displayed duplicate images that are in different groups or you can use the option of auto mark to get rid of them all in one click.
The app supports a lot of picture formats like JPG, GIF, PNG, EPS, EXR, etc. it also detects the similar-looking images that are slightly edited in Photoshop or picture with different contrast, brightness or color.

The app is a multilingual photo finder which makes it popular worldwide. After scanning and deleting the duplicate images you will notice free up storage space and a more manageable photo gallery.

3. Remo Duplicate Photos Remover

Tips To Finally Delete All Your Duplicate Photos
This app is one of the best duplicate picture finders which has easy to use interface without any hassle. The app will quickly scan and show all the duplicate and similar looking images and will show the found duplicates in two categories. One is exactly looking for photos and the other one will display similar looking photos which are slightly changed.

The best part is it will automatically save the original image before previewing the identical images. It uses a smart de-dupe algorithm to scan and find similar-looking images with high accuracy.

You can download this app from the play store for free and free up your storage space in no time. This one is a great choice if you are looking for a simplified but highly efficient duplicate photo finder app.

Apart from these, apps like Gallery Doctor-Photo Cleaner, Google Files Go, Clean Master ( which will not only clear out the duplicate images but will also help you remove other duplicate files like audio, video, or documents ) deserves a mention. You can choose any app according to your need and make your device’s processor faster and also free up space on your phone.

We have mentioned above the best duplicate picture finder apps that will delete all your duplicate photos from the Android device. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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