PDF Wiz Review - Convert PDF Files Easily!

PDF Wiz Review
PDF editors are one of the software which is always in demand. There are lots of PD editors in the market. I came across this editor called PDF Wiz by Starzsoft.

Starzsoft is a company founded in 2016 by professionals. This company has released FindMyPhoto, an android application used to recover your deleted photos and it is free. Now there is a new application for mobiles, tablets, and PC’s to edit PDF files easily and efficiently.

PDF Wiz is easy to download and super easy to use. You can manage your PDF’s and you can also convert your other files into PDF format like word, epub and etc. As a regular user of PDF files and their conversion, I have found it handy. I tried much other software but either they are not available with complete features or sometimes they are just online and cannot install on PC with limitation of converting files.

It is different from online converters because in online converters, they have usually limited for conversions or they send you converted files to your email which is a long process of registering yourself first or sometimes they make you do every step and in the end, they ask for payment. But with PDF Wiz, these things are no more hurdles. With just a single click you have your file converted. No need for internet connection and limits, you can convert unlimited files by installing it in your system.

Downloading and installation of this software is also super easy for non-technical users because you do not need to have any signups or logins. Here let me show you how to download and install PDF Wiz.

How To Download PDF Wiz

How To Install PDF Wiz

  • Run the setup
  • PDF Wiz Review
  • Click Next
  • PDF Wiz Review
  • Check on License Agreement and click Next
  • PDF Wiz Review
  • Browse your save location then click install
  • PDF Wiz Review
  • Installation complete, now run and enjoy PDF Wiz’s features

I found this product easy to use and you do not require any specific manual or tutorial to learn about this product. Whether you are new to software or old, this product is easy and simple to use.

How To Use PDF Wiz

Convert PDF file to any other format
  • Open PDF Wiz
  • PDF Wiz Review
  • Click on Convert to Word option
  • PDF Wiz Review
  • Select your file or drag your file here. You can also convert your files to other formats from here and you can choose a customized directory or default directory. Another option here is to convert file in word’s other extensions like .doc, .docx.
  • PDF Wiz Review
  • After selecting your desired file, you can also set the number of pages to convert and you can also add a new file to convert or remove any file from converting queue
  • PDF Wiz Review
  • Click on Convert Now button or convert option, your file will start converting. You can see the converting progress in the Status bar
  • PDF Wiz Review
  • Your file has converted. You can now go to your selected folder or you can directly open file or file location from the options on the right of Convert option
  • PDF Wiz Review

Reasons To Use PDF Wiz

  • You can convert from PDF to any other formats and into PDF from different formats easily.
  • You can merge, image extract and can do password management.
  • Speed is always the main concern of everyone. But with PDF Wiz you cannot have to worry about it because it works offline on your device. This is very useful as our major time wastes in uploading a file and if the file size is large then that is a big problem.
  • Security is also the main point to discuss here, online conversion does have a security risk but this is risk-free since you will do everything within your systems and not uploading your file to any other servers.
  • Another great advantage is you can have unlimited conversions.
  • PDF Wiz also takes care of your formatting means if you convert it to another format so it will keep your formatting style as it is. Other converters sometimes change your font family and other formats.
  • When we convert one file, it is easy but when we convert multiple files at the same time online, it becomes stressful but with PDF Wiz we can convert files in bulk without any delaying and wait.
  • It also does have a quality option like in word we can convert to new and older versions and in image conversion, we can select different quality standards like High, Standard and Low.


I like this converter and I am fully satisfied with all the features of this software. I personally recommend it to others as it is easy and fast in use with all very easy user interface. It has speed, better options, and everything we need in our daily tasks regarding PDF.
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