Which Are The Best 10 Windows Phone Apps In 2015?

The best 10 Windows phone apps in 2015
Microsoft’s OS has always been slightly behind the competition when it comes to mobile phone applications. One of the reasons for this was lack of applications that it offered compared to rival companies. It seems that Windows management and IT developers decided to work on this matter. Furthermore, being behind competition and naturally wanting to change your position means that you have to work harder in order to change this. When we look at top ten Windows based phone apps for 2015 it seems that Microsoft decided to put an extra effort this year. Check for yourselves.

Top Three Media Apps


If playing video or audio materials from your phone is something that you often do VLC for Windows phone will be of great assistance. It is very convenient to use and supports most audio and video compression formats allowing you to create personal playlists and manage music and movie in a number of customizable ways. VLC for Windows Phone also has a remote control so you can control your media on a PC. VLC is free and a beta edition, if you want a full product, then you can pay for Moli Player Pro which is best video player for Windows Phone.


Since Microsoft and Google don’t see eye to eye we Windows Phone users don’t have official Youtube app. But fear not we have an even better one. MetroTube is #1 app in the Windows Phone marketplace and with full rights. You can easily play videos in HD/SD regardless of your screen resolution and you can sync your Youtube account. Also you can download videos. The app has unlimited trial, and you can pay for ad removal.


SoundHound for Windows Phone is a music recognition software (also available on other platforms). For those of you that don’t know, if you heard a song that you liked and don’t know what’s the name of it or who is the artist, just turn on SH and press the large S button, the program will recognize the song for you. It works in majority of situations, and it can even recognize a song based on your own singing or humming .

Top Three Game Apps


Regardless of age, the majority of us enjoy playing games from time to time, either to put our thoughts at ease or to challenge our skills. Minecraft-Pocket Edition is one of those games that easily connect old and new users in opinion that it is really hard to put it down once you really get into it. There is a tiny architect in each of us waiting to be discovered and allowed to build our own worlds. Anyone into excellent visuals, thrilling missions, a touch of humor and a lot of shooting will surely like.


Tiny Troopers. Three mini troopers need your guidance and help to get through 30 missions of destroying enemies and their military equipment. If you feel you are up to this task, engage in thrilling battles and shoot away all the ammunition available to reach your goal.


If you wish to test your knowledge, literacy and thinking speed, make sure you give Wordament a try. This addictive word game lets you compete against the users from all over the world. You have two minutes to form words from 4x4 table of letters using horizontal, vertical or diagonal moves. Making it into top 10 players seems like an impossible mission.

With the arrival of Windows 10 (for PCs, Mobiles and Xbox), Microsoft is planning to introduce cross platform gaming capabilities. We now see how you can play games and share achievements from anywhere you play, but now you will be able to stream games from your gaming laptop, desktop, Xbox to your Tablet/Phone/TV within same network.

Top Four Business Apps


The reason why there are four apps in this category is due to the fact that Windows is best know for its business phone apps, and continues this practice in 2015. PrintHand is a quick and easy solution when it comes to printing practically any type of document or image from your mobile device. The only requirement is that you are within in the vicinity of a compatible Wi-Fi printer and you are ready to go.


Money Wallet is a personal financial assistant app that enables the control and tracking of every account you have, business or private alike, including a stock portfolio. A built calculator makes the use more convenient, as well.


Office Remote the name says it all. If you get to present your work often, this app is great to serve as a remote for switching slides, marking text, scrolling, switching sheets, etc. With Office for Windows Phone this is a must have app for all you businessman.


OneDrive (previously SkyDrive) is the most popular cloud storage app for the Windows Phone. Since more and more business turn to cloud for data storage, this app will continue to rise in popularity since it enables storing all your files and accessing them on the go.

You can download all of the apps in Windows Phone Store.


Once again, it is good to see that Microsoft puts additional efforts in expanding their phone apps offer. All faithful users will appreciate it and there will surely attract new ones. Especially now that Windows 10 Mobile is knocking at the door. These are best apps in my opinion, surely there are others that are worth mentioning, but 10 is the number. Fell free to comment or share your opinions on my choice.

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