How To Convert JPG Files To Word Files

Convert JPG Files To Word Files
Converting JPG Files to Word files is often immensely helpful in saving time. It helps us to avoid typing out the entire content of the image file. In this tutorial, we look at how we can convert JPG Files to Word Files.

How are the files converted?

The technology that JPG to Word converters use is called OCR or Optical Character Recognition technology. This technology has been around for sometime and is used by both online tools and OCR software. This technology relies on scanning the individual characters and comparing them against the stored characters. Once a match is found, it moves on to the next character.

There are two techniques to accomplish character recognition. One technique, as mentioned above, scans each individual character and compares it against a stored character. Of a match is found, it proceeds to the next character. The major drawback of this technique is that if two characters are similar in appearance then the output is distorted.

Another technique to convert the files is to use feature recognition. Feature recognition utilizes the fact that each letter of the alphabet has a different feature or strokes that make up the character. The OCR tool compares the features of the input character with that of the stored features. This eliminates the possibility of getting same output character for two different character since each character has a different feature. This technique improves the accuracy and is therefore widely used.

How to convert JPG Files to Image Files?

The actual conversion is really easy. We just need to use the software that harness the OCR Technology. We can either use online tools to convert the image file or use a downloaded OCR software. The major flaw with online tools is that an internet connection is always required to utilize the tool.

This problem is solved by using downloaded OCR software which can work offline. Another advantage of using downloaded OCR software is that it needs to be downloaded only once. There are a lot of OCR software out there to choose from. All of them are equally good. For the benefit of the user, we have focused here only on one software, namely, JPG to Word Converter.

Using JPG to Word Converter

The following steps illustrate the use of JPG to Word Converter:

Convert JPG Files To Word Files
  • We have to upload the input image file now. We can do this by two methods. We can either import the file from our computer or scan the file directly using a scanner. After uploading the file, the screen will look something like this:

Convert JPG Files To Word Files
  • After uploading the input file, we have to select the output format of the file. We need a word document as the output so we check Word on the list. The image below clarifies this point.

Convert JPG Files To Word Files
  • We now select the language the input file is in. Suppose the article is in English, so we select the input language as English.
  • Finally, we click on the save button to save the output file in .doc format.

Viola! You just converted a JPG File to a Word File. You can refer the video below for further reference.
Video Link:

Useful Tips

  • The input image quality must be good. OCR will not work properly if the input image quality is flawed. So for better accuracy and precision we must use a high quality image.
  • The output file can be password protected to prevent unauthorized access using the software’s security feature.
  • Watermark can be added to the output file to prevent illegal use of your output file. This feature is also available in the software’s security features.

It must be remembered that OCR software are not 100% accurate. The output depends heavily on the input image. If the input image is not clear or too confusing for the software to read, the output will not resemble the input. On the other hand, if the input is clear, the output file too will be an accurate representation of the input file.

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