Marketing or Tech Team: Where Does SEO Belong To?

Marketing or Tech Team: Where Does SEO Belong To?
Search engine optimization is definitely a part of online promotions and is executed by the marketing department in most companies. But then, there are things about SEO which marketing department cannot and should not handle at their end. This is where the debate begins “Does SEO belongs solely to marketing or to the technical team”.

Why Technical Department is Needed

Like many people think, SEO is not just about submissions and link building. The job of SEO is to ensure that the website is performing optimally and the visitor has a good experience. This is important because only when a visitor is satisfied once he will come again to the same website and will also recommend it to others. A lot of website traffic comes through word of mouth and referrals.

There are technical aspects of a website like its loading time, design, navigation, and Meta data etc that need to be handled by the technical team. An SEO expert can only make the recommendation but not perform the action. Surprisingly for some, these factors are considered by Google and other search engines and are hence extremely important.

Working Hand in Hand

There are some factors that are important so that the website can be crawled and indexed properly. And these factors can be identified by the SEO team but indexed by the technical team. If SEO team is not supported by technical team and some of the technical flaws remain, no matter the amounts of efforts made by the SEO team through other techniques, these technical flaws will always hold them back.

Similarly, there would be some issues that the SEO expert would not understand. Hence both the technical and SEO personnel should work hand in hand to reach the common goal. The responsibility needs to be distributed and each team should feel ownership over the task.

Involve SEOs in More Tasks

When a website is created, there are many departments involved. Make sure the design, development and testing teams are also in touch with the SEO department. Involvement of SEO specialists is important because they can guide the developers and designers about various SEO related aspects. These days the term SEO web design is also very common.

It means that the web designers keep the SEO aspects in mind. These aspects include Meta data, alt tags, SEO friendly URLs, loading time, landing page design and content etc. If SEO is in the mind since the beginning it saves a lot of rework later on. These days, even social media initiatives require a lot of development work (e.g. creating Facebook applications) hence technical department cannot be left out of SEO.

Of course marketing has to use their expertise and understanding to take SEO forward. Even if other teams are involved, it is the SEO professional who coordinates between them and makes sure that the SEO recommendations are put into practice. SEO definitely belongs equally to technical as well as marketing team and both when working in harmony can get profitable results for any website.

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