6 Blogs To Follow For Personal Development

Blogs To Follow For Personal Development
Personal development blogs work as a savior when we are facing tough situations in life. You might be going through a family drama in your life, or need a nudge of motivation for your career, in every situation reading a personal development blog is a great help.

There is no such point in life when we do not need personal development. Reading something amazing always works like a quick heal and saves you from drowning. Here are some of the top personal development blogs which will help you get through the tough phases of life.

1. Seth Godin

Seth Godin is best known for his wisdom in marketing and his experiences in navigating the roadblocks of life. If you aspire to have a name in the corporate world, Seth Godin is the man to follow. A marketer who has the “wit beyond measure” and the people around the world follow him for his marketing skills.

According to Seth Godin, marketing is supposed to be the act that involves more giving than receiving. The outcome will be automatic if the marketer believes in giving more. Its philosophy of Seth has helped millions of marketers and they have changed their whole perspective toward their business.

Why It’s Worth Following:

Seth has written over 7000 blogs on different situations and aspects of life. You can relate to the challenges mentioned in his blogs and get some tips to face the uncertain situations of life. You will get everything from work habits, leadership, and freedom thoughts to relations and responsibilities. Seth is quite active in posting content, so, you don’t have to wait for his motivational and inspiring words.

His online presence includes:
  • 100+ motivational speeches and interviews.
  • 20 best-selling books on art, trust, and marketing are available globally in around 36 languages.
  • Podcast interviews are easy to hear and organized as per the category.

2. Tiny Buddha

Tiny Buddha is not only a blog that inspires you to be better but it is something that teaches you the magic behind living a simple life. You get tips on dealing with heartbreaks and overcoming traumas. The platform is created by Lori Deschene, who believes in providing the platform to those who want to share their personal experiences.

You can find tips and tricks for every life situation, from daily challenges to getting over major heartbreaks. People who have gone through similar life situations get the chance to resolve their issues with the help of bogs and change their mindset from negative to positive.

The website “Tiny Buddha” is not restricted to the beliefs of Buddhism as the name suggests, but it goes beyond it. You not only get to learn the principles of Buddhism but also learn the wisdom of the people who faced the challenges in their lives and came shining after the storm.

Why Follow Deschene:

You will get inspired even if the early years of your life have been messed up and it is never too late to start your life. Rather than reading routine mindfulness blogs, you will get some experience on real-life struggles and learn to lead a mentally healthy life.

Except for the website, she offers:
  • Self-help course “Recreate your life story”.
  • Journals on mindfulness and gratitude.
  • Books of Tiny Buddha

3. I Will Teach You To Be Rich

The blog “I will teach you to be rich” by Ramit Sethi focuses on personal development. His learning of psychology and human behavior at Stanford University has helped him to use the science of people in business.

Ramit Sethi, in his blogs, inspires you to boost your productivity levels and increase the revenues which further helps to develop high converting sales.

Why Read The Blog:

  • Step-by-step guide on developing business
  • Behind-the-boardroom podcasts
  • Podcasts on real-life problems
  • Resources related to career, business, and productivity.

4. Lifehacker

As the name suggests, this is the blog on life hacks. You get the articles and news on daily life hacks in abundance. After going through the website, you will realize that everything can be done in a better and easy way with the help of LifeHacker.

The faces behind the blog are a team of content creators and people with expertise in looking for simpler ways to tackle real-life struggles. The team of editors makes sure that the quality of the articles is high.

Why Follow Lifehacker:

You get various creative and innovative DIYs and also get useful tips on simplifying the tasks of daily life. The categories they represent are relationships, parenting, health, finances, and technology.

They are also available as:
  • Online store for branded merchandise
  • Educational and entertainment channels affiliated with the website.

5. Be More With Less

The venture is commenced by Courtney Carver and she talks about battling your demons in her blog. Her blog is all about the idea of finding happiness inside you than waiting for it from the outside. In the beginning, it was only a small project that represented the benefits of decluttering and managing an impressive wardrobe but with time she has expanded it into a blog by engaging so many monthly readers.

The positive response to her innovative writings and ideas motivated her to create content that reflected a positive mindset teaching the readers the value of living a simpler life. Gradually, she is now the proud wrier of two best-selling books that focus on the subject of reclaiming life and letting go of unimportant things.

Reasons To Read Her Blogs:

You can find blogs related to everything on her website but she puts the main focus on the simplification of life be it your closet or your thoughts.

6. Love and Life Toolbox

The creator of the Love and Life toolbox is Lisa Brookes who is an expert in handling the relationship issues of couples. She works like a magic and also got a magic toolbox that she believes resolves every relationship problem.

If you want to sharpen your relationship skills, her blogs are a must-read for you. You can also ask her questions about the issues you are facing or get an idea from her blogs for what to gift your valentine on Valentine’s Day. On her website, you will find blogs related to every possible problem that might arise in a couple and also get tips to fix that problem.

Why Follow Lisa:

You can get the following benefits:
  • Couple therapies and individual consultations
  • Rekindle the love with your partner
  • Virtual courses
  • Recommended list of books on self-love and healing

AUTHOR_NAMEAbout the Author:
Prabhleen Gupta is a Life Coach, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Trainer and Master Hypnotherapist who works with people from all walks of life and helps them deal with past traumas, insecurities, which in turn helps them to live their dream lives.
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