4 Simple Steps To Convert PSD File To WordPress Theme

Convert PSD File To WordPress Theme
So, you have a nice design in PSD format and you want it to implement on your WordPress website. But you don’t know how to convert PSD to WordPress. Am I right?

Well! This is easy and you don’t need to get panic. I have two solutions for you:
  1. You can use services to convert PSD to WordPress format.
  2. You can convert PSD files to WordPress theme in four simple steps by yourself.

Using services to convert PSD to WordPress might not work always. You have to pay for services and sometimes you don’t get results that you want.

Meanwhile, if you have good programming skills, you can do yourself.

So, it depends on you. If you don’t know programming, I would recommend you to go for conversion services. Otherwise, you can follow below a simple step-by step guide to convert PSD to WordPress format.

Convert PSD to WordPress

WordPress already have a huge collection of prebuilt themes. But when you want a custom design template then you have to go for services or make it yourself. Let’s start converting your PSD file into a WordPress format.

1. Cut PSD Into Images

A PSD file contains parts of images. All you need to cut your PSD file into images and save them all individually. Use Adobe Photoshop to save all images separately.

Choose images that you want on your web page. Better to choose less images because more images will slow down page speed.

Arrange all the selected images by background, footer, header, slider etc.

2. Create HTML and CSS Files

Here your programming skills will help you to create web pages using HTML and CSS.

We will create an HTML File and a CSS file in this particular step. Name both the files as Home.html and Stylesheet.css

You can use Dreamweaver to do that.

Open the editor and create a new file and name it as Home.html and save.

Create another file. Name that file Stylesheet.css and save.

Now open the Home.html file and write your code for header, body and footer tags.

Save the HTML file.

Now open the Stylesheet.css file and write code to make your web page stylish.

3. Embed WordPress Structure Into HTML File

Now your both HTML and CSS files are ready. Let’s integrate them into WordPress. Here all you have to acquire basic knowledge of WordPress.

As we know, WordPress files are in PHP. So you must have knowledge of PHP programming.

Now go for two files index.php and style.css in WordPress. These are the major files of WordPress. Although, WordPress has more PHP files too. So, you need to break your code up according to each of the below file.
  • Index.php
  • Header.php
  • Sidebar.php
  • Footer.php
  • Comment.php
  • Front-page.php

Now download any WordPress theme and upload it.

Browse your website and check, it should have a default theme design.

Open index.php and replace the particular code with Home.html file.

Do the same for style.css file and replace the particular code with Stylesheet.css.

Save the files and browse your website. It must have a new design now.

You can make any changes in the design code now.

4. Add Tags and Functions

As we already know, WordPress has tons of Tags and Functions in its library. You might need them to make your website more functional.

You must have some good knowledge of code then you can start placing tags and function properly to your theme.

You’re ready to launch your theme now. You can add new pages, posts, images, content etc to make your website functional.

Last Words

PSD to WordPress is not a cup of tea for everyone. If you are new to this field, I would highly recommend you to hire a professional service that can convert PSD format to WordPress for you. Otherwise, you can do it yourself if you are good at programming and know about WordPress.
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