Why Does Word Count Matters For SEO Friendly Article?

Word Count Matters For SEO Friendly Article
No matter how good you are in writing but you can’t attract traffic on the page unless you are making the content optimized and informational for the readers.

SEO is the first element that will help you boost more traffic on the page and get more visitors. Otherwise, you are just wasting the time of readers.

Many writers complain that they are not getting the audience on the page even with lengthy content. This is the point where they make mistakes.

Making the article lengthy and adding too many ideas in the content will never help you get more visitors to the page unless you are making the content unique and informational for them.

If you are going to talk about the benefits of using laptops in your content, then you must stick to that point. Don’t try to distract the readers by adding irrelevant thoughts that are not even related to the title.

Is Word Count an SEO Element?

Many individuals take word count as an SEO factor. They try to increase the length of the article just for the sake of engaging more readers.

But the reality is that neither you can get more traffic on the page with lengthy content nor it will be proven as an SEO aspect.

The thing that matters is the quality of content. Google will rank your article based on the information that you provided in the content. And also the information must be beneficial for the readers.

If you are failing to provide your audience with the content they are looking for, you are just failing in your field.

Therefore, you must remember that only word count will never help you in making the content optimized unless you are following all the credentials that are needed for content optimization.

How To Get Control Over Word Count?

Getting control of the word count is never a difficult task. You have to remember some important points that can benefit you in the article optimization.

In this section, we are going to talk about the necessary factors that can actually help you in improving the quality of content and making it more interesting to read.

1. Get Ideas About Your Topic

The first and most important thing that must be done before starting to write is to get ideas about that particular topic from multiple sources.

Without having an idea about a topic, you can’t write the correct thing. Moreover, you will not have an idea that how long that topic should be.

So, it is necessary to read the thoughts of other authors and look at what they have written in their articles. Try to provide those ideas in a unique way that can keep the readers engaged.

2. Make Headlines

Headlines not only make the content short but also help the readers understand the intent of the topic more easily and reach the actual point easily.

When you divide the topic into multiple sections, it gives you an idea about the length of each part and the lines that you are going to add in that specific heading.

It also helps the readers to reach the actual point directly by following the headings. Due to this element, you must add attractive headlines to the content.

3. Keep The Content To The Point

Once you have added headings in the content, it will automatically help you to keep the article to the point and avoid unnecessary thoughts in the article.

If you are still finding it difficult to control the word count in the article, you can get help from a word counter online that tells the total words and characters along with the keyword density.

The benefit of using this tool is that you will not have to go for different tools for checking each element separately. This tool is quite easy to use and make the work simple.

By checking word count in this tool you can instantly increase or decrease the words and make the content to the point.

4. Add Images In The Content

Adding images in the article not only helps to decrease the word count but also makes it easier to understand for the readers.

Let’s talk about a reader who has no idea about the topic that you have uploaded on your site. Pictures related to the topic can be a vital factor in making the lines more understood.

A reader can easily understand the message that you are conveying. So, it is a necessary element to make use of some images in the article and engage more audience on the site.

5. Avoid Unnecessary Examples

To convey your message and clear the doubts of readers, it is necessary to add some examples in the article that are related to the topic.

But we often see a mistake of the writers that they add too many examples in the content that are mostly irrelevant.

Here they face consequences by Google as they mislead the audience with wrong information. This also proves to be a time-wasting factor for them.

Therefore, all the writers must keep the content short and avoid examples that are not related to the content.

6. Use Short Words

Lengthy words can also be an element of increasing the length of content. Many of us use the ideas of others in quotes to make the lines more clear for readers.

But this factor ends up making the content lengthy. To control the length of your article, it is necessary to use short and precise lines that can clear the meaning in limited content.
Word Count Matters For SEO Friendly Article

Other Necessary Elements Of Optimized Content

Once you have to get control over the word count, there are high chances that you can generate optimized content automatically.

But there are also some other factors that you can follow to optimize the content and engage more readers. Here we are going to talk about all these features. Hope these would benefit you and get you more audience on the site.

1. Structure Your Content

The first factor that can be a good SEO element for your article is the structure of the entire content. You have to design it in a way that the readers never get bored of the article.

For it, you can make headings and subheadings of the entire article so the audience can directly land on that part where they can get the required information.

Also, it makes it easy for the Google crawler to understand each section of the article so the chances of getting ranked get higher easily.

2. Focus On The Right Keyword

SEO is all about keywords. You have to focus on the exact SEO keyword that can attract the right traffic on the page and benefit them.

Let’s talk about two keywords “Mobile Phones” and “Best mobile phones”. Although both keywords will have the same information but the intent will be different.

With the first one, you will get the results of mobile phones rated by the search engine based upon users’ experience.

The second keyword will show you the articles. So, a single word will change the sense of the entire content and will show you different results.

3. Reduce The Loading Time

Page loading time is an important element that can help you increase or decrease traffic on the page. Therefore, you have to focus on this element.

No one will have enough time to wait on your page while it gets loaded. Instead, people will instantly move to another page that will increase the bounce rate of the article.

You must focus on this aspect and improve the loading speed of your site that could keep the readers engaged.

4. Focus Quality Over Quantity

Quality is the first element that can make the content optimized and get more audience on the page. You can’t get more readers on the page with the help of lengthy content.

The element you need to focus on is the quality of content and it will be improved only when you add informational content and avoid irrelevant thoughts.

5. Keep The Paragraphs Short

Lengthy paragraphs are not easy to read and understand. Sometimes it happens that you forget the liens that you read earlier while reading the lengthy paragraph.

Writers must remember this element that they have to convince the audience with their ideas. And it would happen only when you are explaining it in a short and precise way.

Bottom Lines

Every blogger and webmaster wants to get more traffic on the page and it is possible only if you are making the content information for the readers.

Many writers just focus on increasing the length of articles. By this, the chances of adding unnecessary ideas get increased.

To keep things simple and engage your readers, it is necessary to keep the blog short and to the point. It will also help you in eliminating the lines that are not necessary to be discussed in the content.

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