10 Popular Social Media Sites You Need To Know In 2022

Social Media Sites You Need To Know
Humans are the social animal species without the socialization and the interactions. The socialization and the public gathering become more challenging as time grows, and after the 2020 pandemic situation, we all have to spend more time in our home.

The social media site’s statistics are clearly showing the result of increasing the number of social media users. In 2015 only 2 billion users were using social media channels, and by the end of 2018, that number is crossing the no of 2.6 billion. Even if you see the statistics, you can see how social media marketing was growing last year.

And can you guess in 2020, the number of users is crossing the 3 billion, and it reaches 3.81 billion social networking users? The progress is quite outstanding at first glance. But after the pandemic situation, the usage of social media sites is repeatedly growing higher. The social media marketing strategy is also developing and is in rapid growth.

10 Most Popular Social Media Sites In 2022

Many new social media are introducing in 2022 as more people start engaging in social media. And from the starting of 2022, we can not go outside even though we can not greet our close ones with warm hands.

So, here is the name of the top 10 most popular social media sites of 2022.

1. Facebook

Social Media Sites You Need To Know
Facebook is the largest social media site, which for the first time crossed the existing 1 billion users’ accounts. The oldest and the most authentic social media site.

The few updating features of Facebook is helping your business grow, and other than that, the communication between your friends and relatives is never becoming a tough job. The new features of Facebook are quite impressive, like facebook touch.

But in 2022, facebook lost its almost 83 million users thrust after the personal data leakage. For that incident, many people are withdrawing their accounts from Facebook. But still, now this is the most widely used social media by social media users.

Active users per month: 2.45 billion

2. Twitter

Social Media Sites You Need To Know
Twitter is the most authentic social media page which is promoting business in the local area, and the short text messages are the best features of this social media site.

Business promotions are also the biggest positive point of Twitter. If you want to promote your business, then Twitter is the perfect place where you can start to promote your business growth and development.

Active users per month: 320 million

3. WeChat

Social Media Sites You Need To Know
Wechat is a multipurpose Chinese app that gives you social media chat options and the other payment mode. This is the world’s first standalone mobile app and developed in 2018. The features of WeChat are quite different from the regular social media circles. It was widely spread in China other than the Chinese language 17 languages are available in Web WeChat.

Active users per month: 1 billion

4. Whatsapp

Social Media Sites You Need To Know
In 2022 Whatsapp is the most widely used social networking site. In a single year, almost 1 billion new users are enlisting their name in the watts app. In 2019 only 68 million users were using WhatsApp.By the end of 2020, it reaches upto 2 billion.

Whatsapp is a messaging, video call massaging, and the other type of live messaging options. As per the contact list, WhatsApp is functioning. The new feature of the watts app like WhatsApp dark modes, WhatsApp stickers are making the whats app more appealing among the new users.

Active users per month: 1.6 billion

5. Tumblr

Social Media Sites You Need To Know
Tumblr is a microblogging American social networking site. The social networking site is developed by David Karp and was founded in 2007. This social networking site is functioning and searching on Tumblr search based on your interest. If you are a small hobby maker and want to show your small artwork, this social networking site is perfect for sharing all of your artwork.

Active users per month: 7.2 million

6. Snapchat

Social Media Sites You Need To Know
Snapchat is an American multimedia messaging app. The live video chat options are quite a fascinating feature of these social media networking sites. The photo and video editing options are quite moderate and fast.

This social media networking site is for the users who like to post their live videos and edited photos and videos. Snap chat is a relatively new social networking site, and the active users of these social networking sites are mostly young or teenagers. It was founded in 2011. After that, every year, the number of regular users is increasing by number.

Active users: 250 million users daily

7. Telegram

Social Media Sites You Need To Know
Telegram is a cross-platform cloud-based instant messaging software. The biggest advantages of the telegram are the file-sharing and the video calling options. You can send big size files to your friends. The video calls are end to end encrypted. The telegram was found in 2013 and repeated growing the no of new users.

Active users per month: 500 million

8. Reddit

Social Media Sites You Need To Know
Reddit is the American social news clustering platform. Content posting is the biggest feature of Reddit. The register members can p[ost the files with links, images, and contents. It was founded in 2005. This social media site is the perfect site for users who are facing problems with sharing the written contents and the links.

Active users per month: 48 million

9. QQ

QQ is an international social media chatting process developed by the Chinese tech giant Tencent. This social media chatting is the perfect social media site, which has many more features than the regular social media chatting sites. Social games, microblogging and the movies, shopping, and video chatting are the main key features of the QQ. It was founded in 1992.

Active users per month: 983 million

10. Instagram

Social Media Sites You Need To Know
In 2022 we all are well known with the name of Instagram. Instagram is an American photo and video sharing social networking service. All well-known celebrities and models have their Instagram profile, and now it is owned by Facebook. Instagram was first founded in 2010 and developed by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systorm.

Active users per month:1 billion


The nearest local bar and the restaurants are all closed when that lockdown situation is recovered by only engaging yourself in the social media world. For these reasons, people start keeping themselves busy from the past year while doing socialization in different social media channels.

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