Should Spy Apps Be Kicked Out Of Market

Should Spy Apps Be Kicked Out Of Market
Water gives us life, but it is equally capable of drowning us. Water is responsible for the food we eat, yet it is also responsible for leveling acres of land and houses with a single torrential wave of a tsunami. Just because it can very well kill us, do we stop drinking water? Do we stop consuming it on the off-chance that it can choke us to death? No. Similarly, the debate about kicking spy apps out of the market is just as foolish as stopping the use of water because it may be deathly at some point. Just because a drunk driver was responsible for deaths of a handful of people, it doesn’t mean that we should stop driving, or use automobiles or get out of the house on the off-chance that we may get killed. Just like you can’t blame the use of automobiles for the actions of one person, you cannot blame spy apps for the actions of all the sick minded people in the world. For this reason, let’s first explore how beneficial spy apps can be and then we shall see whether they should be kicked out of the market or not.
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The Benefits Of Spy Applications

- Helps Parents Keep Their Children Safe

Parenting is not an easy job but thanks to spy app, it has become much easier and simpler. What’s special about these apps is that they help parents keep a closer eye on their kids without getting the title of helicopter parents. Parents use Android spy app to keep a check on their children. They read all their messages, listen to their calls and track their locations through GPS. This way, parents stay informed about their children’s activities and their whereabouts and are able to get a good night’s sleep because they know their children are safe and will remain as safe as possible as long as they have an eye on them.
Should Spy Apps Be Kicked Out Of Market

- Put An End To Cyber-Bullying

If bullying was bad when you were in school, then you have no idea how bad cyber-bullying can be. Children nowadays are suffering from depression and some are even committing suicides because of how cruel cyber-bullies can be. They are a faceless monster who do not have the courage to utter a single word to a person’s face but behind the shield of a computer screen, they are capable of doing anything and everything.

- Stop Cyber-Stalking

With the advancement in spy apps, it has become quite easy for people with nefarious intentions to be able to stalk their prey. Using spy applications, locations of the individual that is being stalked can be tracked easily. Their private data can be leaked and abused by the stalker to there which is capable of tarnishing the prey’s reputation, peace of mind and ultimately ruin their life.

- Increases Productivity At Workplace

Employers can use spy apps to keep a check on employees they can use these apps to see their employees have been wasting time browsing the internet or watching movies or videos or either playing games. This can also be helpful in such a way that by keeping a close check on the emails, calls, and messages, the employers can know if any employee has been leaking out the company secrets to any other company.

- Helps Spouses Make Their Relationship More Secure

Misunderstanding is one of the biggest causes responsible for driving a wedge between two people. With the use of spy apps, couples can keep a close eye on their partners. This way if they know exactly where their partner is and who their partner is interacting with at all times, not only will they be able to keep their partners safe by being an additional pair of eyes and ears to help them out whenever they are needed but also make sure that they are safe at all times.

The Bottom Line

Spy apps have more benefits than the problems they can cause which clearly proves that they should be kept in the market as they can protect certain people from misusing some things of everyday use and serve them from the mishaps that can occur if certain people with sick minds and cruel intentions meddle with their lives.

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